18/20 Well Visit and More

Yeah we were particularly late this well visit, but for several different reasons and thankfully Dr. M was completely nice about it and agreed it was a good idea.  Not surprised though, I figured she would.

What didn’t go so well was the trip there.  Baba had to work… and they won’t schedule well visit’s on weekends so that leaves me finding a way to get there.  We don’t have a second car yet (and while I hate driving, yesterday reinforced the whole I want it NOW feeling).  That left the bus… Really it wouldn’t have been too bad if I hadn’t made a stupid mistake.

We left at 12:30 and got to our first stop early. That was not a problem of course. ZJ got a little antsy, but between pointing out cars passing by and singing silly songs he stayed put.  Bus came… We got on, we got off… and here’s where the probs happened.  We got off in the right place… but I needed to go to another stop for my next bus and I wasn’t sure which one it was.  I had the number, but misread my paper and thought it’d told me the one we’d stopped at (which was for the first route, not the second).  I made it to the right one, but saw a bus fly by on the opposite side right at the time our bus was supposed to be there. It had the street name we were going to flashing on the front as if it was headed that way too.  I figured we were on the wrong side (because I thought I didn’t have the stop number) and went looking for the other stop. This included crossing the street twice (two diff ways).  Found the stop and it was for a diff route.  Turned around looking for another stop and see my bus fly by again (going the right direction this time). Also had the same street name on it (usually they say which direction of the route they’re going… both on this one say the same thing?).  *sigh*  Headed back over because it was the only stop I knew for that route and I figured I’d call when we got there (number on the sign).  I was starting to lose my patience at this point because I knew we’d be late… and little miss Kalila started mouthing off. Not even kidding she actually said “I know how you feel” with an attitude.

Got back to the stop, made the call… found out I was at the right place and that another bus would be there in about 20 minutes.  It should leave us at our stop at 2:13.  Appointment was at 2.  At least that’s not too late right?  I called the office and let them know what was going on.

Then the bus came just a little late.  It was packed and I swear we hit every stop on the way.  And this is one of the weirdest routes I’ve ever been on (not the worst though… that happened shortly after I moved here).  We finally got there around 2:35.

Thankfully the last stop is right next to the office… and there were hardly any people in the waiting room.  We got in almost immediately.   Weighed and measured… He’s 24 lbs and 33 1/2 inches.  Weight was barely any gain, but we expected that… the whole everyone getting sick thing. I knew he’d lost some at one point.  He’s still above average on height though.

Then we waited… Dr. M didn’t come in until after 3.  Kalila was hyper by that point… although she (Dr. M) commented several times on how well she was doing.  We went over all the normal stuff…  He’s right on track with everything, no worries.  For some reason he was really nervous around her this trip and didn’t want anything to do with her.  Not too out of the ordinary except he flirted with everyone else that day, even on the bus.  Only bad thing (and we saw this coming) is she thinks he has cavities.  Here’s where I’m a little annoyed… she tried to blame that on how often he nurses.  I’m sorry no. It doesn’t do that.  And… Kalila nursed just as often and has perfect teeth.  ZJ, unfortunately, has my families teeth. Its genetic.  It stinks and we’ve been fighting it, but its been obvious since the day they first pushed through. On top of that he does have the lip tie and supposedly that can aggravate it too. Anyways, I do have some ideas I want to try… and looking for a good dentist on top of that.   Another thing that surprised me (not upset, just different than usual for her) is she asked how long we’re planning to breastfeed and acted a little surprised by me saying until he’s done.  She was a lot more laid back w/ Kalila and never brought it up, just asked if she still was until she wasn’t.  Like I said, not upset about it… just odd.

Shots… uggh lol.  She was a little surprised that I remembered that we’d had to adjust his schedule… but it wasn’t an issue at all. I was really nervous about this visit before I remembered that we did though…  Is the one chicken pox is scheduled for and we’re refusing that one and not sure how she’ll handle that.  Still not sure because we had to do PC, so when she gave me the option to choose to do it w/ DTap or CP I chose DTap.  We’ll see how things go at his 2 year with that…  Anyways, shots came and poor thing was not happy. He reacts completely diff than his sister.

By the time that was all done it was almost 3:30 or after 3:30. Something like that…. We had an hour until the bus came so I took us next door to Church’s Chicken lol.  Kids were hungry, I was hungry… It worked… I got some really cute pictures while we were there.

Back to bus stop.  Called to check again and found out we needed to cross a street.  We were at a right stop, but it would take an hour longer that way… not sure why, but oh well.  6 minutes to cross a huge street w/ two kids.  ZJ started slipping out of my hands at one point and Kalila told me that’s why we needed a khanga.   Yes mama was proud lol.

Got on the bus… and the kids fell asleep.  Got to our stop and Baba called saying he was 20 minutes away… so we just waited for him.  The whole thing was draining… and we get to somewhat repeat it next week (fun fun).  No I think the routes are easier for that trip so hopefully it won’t be as bad.

A couple other things before I go.

Added to his visit, have to say my son turned into a parrot yesterday. He said so many new words it wasn’t even funny.  Kalila thought it was the funniest thing ever and kept finding new ones to ask him to say.  Then last night we were doing it again and I asked him to say cow and he said “moooo”.  We all cracked up, he’s never said it before… and its been awhile since we’ve worked on animal sounds so I was a bit surprised.

Kalila.. What was I gonna say about Kalila?  We had more smarting off last night (she told Baba that she didn’t have a happy butt, she had a mad butt lol)… but that wasn’t it.  Oh school!  I called the school yesterday to make sure she’s on the waiting list still and find out about interviews for next year.  If we have to wait until Kinder I know it’ll be ok, but we’re really hoping she’ll get in this next fall.  Anyways, as soon as I called they recognized Kalila’s name and didn’t even have to look lol. She’s on there and they said I’d be hearing from them in a few weeks about setting up the admissions interview.  Mostly excited… part of me is sad that she may be starting school soon lol. But I know she’s going to love it and that it’ll be good for her. Plus I love the school here.


4 thoughts on “18/20 Well Visit and More

  1. Stacy says:

    I know how you feel on the whole transportation thing. It can be frustrating taking the bus, but I’d rather share the car than try to work, go to school, and find more childcare for Layla.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I get that! We have no choice but get another soon… but thankfully its not going to require me finding a job. There’s just no way we can afford daycare.

  2. Mama Benedikt says:

    What a day you had! I’ve done the whole bus thing when we lived in San Diego. It takes 2 hours to go 10 miles…Crazy! I can only imagine what it would be like now that we have our little one. Ughhhhhhhhh. I did ask Ernest about the kanga (is the spelling different in the area you were in?). He said it had been a long time but he could try to make it work. I bet Michael’s or JoAnne’s would have material somewhat comparable to the real kanga material. Sending my prayers my dear.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I’ve seen it both ways… I have a habit of using the kh version of things w/out thinking lol. I’m surprised we didn’t do that w/ Kalila’s name considering its the trad spelling 😀 (no, we had a reason to go with the one we did but still). I’m sure if I looked I could prob find some too, I just haven’t yet. I have seen some sold online that the price isn’t too horrid… just knowing the diff between getting them there and here makes me balk a little at the idea lol.

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