Busier Than I Expected

I knew Sunday was going to be one busy day… I just didn’t realize how busy it would be. No complaints, it was a lot of fun.. but a day later and I’m still tired!

Ok, I really need to back up and start at Saturday since I haven’t posted about that yet.

Sat’s story really starts months ago when we noticed that ZJ had a lip (or frenulum) tie.  Basically means that his frenulum (inside of top lip) was connected to his gums very tightly.  I never got the post done (or at least pretty sure I didn’t, can’t find a post about it lol) because I couldn’t get a good picture.  I couldn’t really get his lip up enough to get one.  Technically this (like a tongue tie) can cause nursing problems, but we had none thankfully… so we weren’t really worried about him having it.  It did cause a gap between his front two teeth, but it eventually closed (honestly I miss it… was too cute).  And I had read that it could cause some tooth decay, but there’s mixed info about that. We talked to our pedi and she wasn’t worried either.  She did warn us that they can get busted on their own and if it happens it’d be very… messy.  He’d be ok though. 

That happened on Saturday night.  Poor thing fell off the couch face first. Have I mentioned that he’s all over the place now? Scared me half to death… He is ok.  But yeah there was a lot of blood. It took me a good while to actually get a look in there too. I got him cleaned up pretty quickly but he was so upset I let him nurse for a bit before trying to get a look.  When I did it was obvious that’s what happened… he can actually move his lip up all the way now. Its a little swollen on one side still and he has a blister too, but he’s not complaining about it anymore. Did once or twice yesterday. 

 So Sunday…  Warning most of it is just little things, they just added up. 

We had to get up early since Kalila had her class.  Barely got there in time for her to eat a little before, got her in class and Baba worked on something he had to do and then headed over to get ready for Mass since he was directing the choir that week.  ZJ & I stayed there and finished eating, and waited for Kalila… She came back and finished eating too. I mention it because she made a comment about preferring to eat 4 bites of yogurt that just cracked me up.  

Went to Mass… If I thought Kalila’s new obsession with praying meant behaving for me in there I was completely wrong. Mass ended, visited w/ family a bit and then lunch time…

Went out to eat with Gido.  ZJ told him thankyou (very clearly) for desert. Was too cute! 

Finished there and decided to run to the store… had fun walking around looking at stuff and got ZJ his first pair (well package) of baby boxers. 

We were all tired by that point and decided a nap would be great… Yeah except on the way we remembered that I had the SANP meeting across town in an hour. Turned around and headed over that way…. 

The kids were asleep when we got there, so Baba sat with them for a bit and then took them to eat while I was in the meeting.  This one was on living naturally on a budget, so was particularly interesting 🙂  Very glad I got to go. 

Partway through I got a message from Baba… ZJ got away from him and ran his little self up on the play thing at the restaurant… all the way to the top lol.  Kalila had to go get him 🙂 I’ve been waiting for that one to happen! 

They came back more than ready to go home and we were running over lol. Go figure. By the time we got home we were all exhausted and of course I had a ton to catch up on. Was worth it though..  

Tomorrow’s gonna be another big day too, get to brave the bus w/ the kids again… wish me luck lol. 


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