All Sorts of Good News

Sorry I know I haven’t posted in awhile… a lots gone on but I had to wait until I could mention some of it lol.

I guess I’ll start with the newest news first lol.  I just found out I have a review coming up…that will end with a giveaway! Very excited about that. It will be on this blog, not the blogspot one.

Next bit I know not everyone will agree with me on, but I am over the moon happy about this.  The Susan G. Komen Foundation has dropped funding to Planned Parenthood. I’ve had more than one family member who’s had breast cancer (honestly not sure how many, but there is one in particular who comes to mind… survivor thankfully but still) and lost a friend to it as well. I know I’ve mentioned him on here before… Anyways, point is this was something I wanted to be able to support… Is a huge relief to see that obstacle out of the way.

Baba’s job is still going well lol. He’s not in training anymore and really loves the job, where he’s at and all that.  I feel bad though because he’s been helping out at the restaurant he was working at before on top of this… Thankfully this week its slowed down since they got more help, but still.

Kalila spent last weekend with Gran & Papa Brian.  It was actually the longest she’s been away from home. She left Friday and came back Sunday afternoon. Apparently she did very well and had a blast. When we got there she was digging in the garden.  Sadly it meant she missed the luncheon on Sunday… but we brought home leftovers and she attacked them at dinner lol.  And because I can’t not share (note: so wish I had a pic from that weekend of her too!) Aunt Janelle got a couple pics of ZJ eating kibbe that were just too cute.  Those stuffed cheeks!

Jumping out of order a bit (because the one that would come next will make no sense w/ out this one unless you’re on my facebook lol).  What’s probably our biggest news right now…  We have another little one on the way.  As I’m now hoping that everyone that should have been told in person has been lol… has already slipped on FB after we started announcing it though so I figured it was time on here too.  Anyways, baby should be here around the end of August or so.

Got my new prenatals in and I’m prob going to do a post on the other blog about them at some point because I have fallen in love with this brand. They’re the Garden of Life RAW Prenatals… and so far are helping a ton with the morning sickness.  I wasn’t sure if it was them or just making it into my second trimester, but I missed a dose last night & got so sick this morning it wasn’t funny :-/  Not doing that again lol.

And the bus trip… Last Tuesday was our second bus trip… I know I mentioned that we had it. It went a lot smoother than the first, but… that’s not saying much lol.  It rained.  It rained all day before… I kept praying it’d stop, but then two minutes before we had to go it started coming down harder.  Go figure… We stepped out the door though and it stopped. That was a huge sigh of relief… I can’t really complain because of that alone, but the walk was still miserable since there were puddles everywhere. Then we got to the stop and someone splashed us on purpose.  Then someone else tried to pick us up.  Finally the bus came and from there it was just fine.  ZJ fell asleep on the bus again. Sure way to knock him out lol. And of course my appointment went perfectly… Was our first w/ the midwife (this time around). Feel bad that Baba couldn’t be there, but it still went really well.  Love getting to hear the little heartbeat.   Got some pics of the kids playing there too.

I think that’s it for now lol.



6 thoughts on “All Sorts of Good News

  1. kim says:

    hi, i am glad to hear the news about the susan koman thing too.
    glad to hear about #3 as well 🙂 our number 7 will be here end of may.

    i started a new blog its :http:

  2. Deborah says:

    I was happy to hear about the Susan G. Komen thing, too. And then I heard that it’s actually not because of abortion, but because Planned Parenthood is under congressional investigation, and SGK has a policy not to support organizations that are under investigation. So depending on how the investigation goes, if they’re cleared, SKG may start supporting PP again. Although apparently the new VP at SGK is adamantly pro-life, so maybe they won’t start supporting PP again no matter what. Just something to be aware of and monitor.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Sorry your comment was randomly put under spam :-/ Not sure why… obviously at this point we all know it was turned back anyway. Disappointed. Not overly surprised though because there are so many issues with that foundation its not even funny… and if I read right the VP left recently too.

  3. Rae says:

    Congratulations! And I’m glad that you found a prenatal that works so well for you. It is enough of a challenge being pregnant while taking care of two little ones without your body fighting you the whole way!

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