Busy Busy and Tired

Prob going to have a post on the kids room soon… Despite how I should be doing a million other things, I’ve been focused in there the past couple days instead lol.  I’m almost done though and really excited about it.

I won another giveaway recently and I am soooo stinking exited about it. Thank you again Salma (at Chasing Rainbow).  She had a giveaway for the My Memory Suite Scrapbooking Software. I had to enter when I saw it… I used to love scrapbooking, well still do… but between the cost and thoughts of the mess the kids would make of it. Yeah that’s not happening anymore lol.  I found an online scrapblogging site awhile back (pretty sure I’ve linked it before) but its hit or miss if it’ll work and they’re starting to charge for most of the things on there now.  So yeah… saw I won this the other day and was extremely happy about that lol.

Had kind of a rough day here… not horrible, but ZJ’s been clingy and Kalila’s not feeling well. She has to be better tomorrow so praying she is.

Some pics from yesterday (day before?)

That first one cracks me up… She started by tracing her hands, then added her arms… and then either the day I took this or the day before she started adding faces to them.  Then she said it was the two of us and added babies to our bellies.  The babies are getting more detailed now too… haven’t gotten another pic yet though lol.

Few other things I’d like to post about at some point too but not sure I can do them justice right now lol.  Think I’m just going to go to bed…


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