St Maron’s Day 2012

This last weekend definately wasn’t dull lol.

I think I already mentioned that Kalila got sick? That happened Friday… Poor thing had a fever and slept all day. Thankfully she woke up Sat feeling better.

Sat night was the hafli… was a lot of fun.  Kalila made a new friend and danced all over the place lol. Was really cute.  ZJ was clingy all night, which didn’t really surprise me all that much because he is when we’re at things like that.. but as the night went on it got a little worse.  Will get back to that in a min lol.  Baba was MCing so he was busy at parts (which ZJ was not happy about because he wanted his Baba) and the story teller for one of the shows. I tried to get pics, but mine aren’t very good (will add them to FB later though).   One of Baba’s cousins got a good one and a video too. Will try to link them over to this page’s FB page so they’ll show up on the left there.  The video is fighting me on it…  Anyways, we’d planned to leave a bit early… band would take a break, Baba would make his last announcement & we’d go.  But they didn’t take the break… He kept trying to get up there and they’d start a new song… happened I don’t know how many times.  ZJ was so upset… and since we’re in one car I couldn’t just take him home.  At one point he cried “Yeye” (his word for music oddly enough) to Baba and a few min later he crawled under the table and started screaming at the top of his lungs.  Not that anyone could hear him…  Thankfully Baba did manage to get up there a few minutes later and we about ran out the door.

Sunday… I woke up to a return of the morning sickness.  I know it was that and not whatever went around because I had no fever and was just nauseous.  Tried getting some thing to drink and eat on the way to Church but that didn’t help a bit.  We decided  I’d head into the hall with the kids instead of disturbing everyone everytime I had to get up… Baba went on in for choir practice.

Backing up a bit.  So glad Baba didn’t question why I wasn’t backing out of going at this point…  A few days before I was “ordered” that we had to be there even if we were sick.  I couldn’t tell him that… He knew his dad wanted him there and was already questioning that lol.

So I headed into the hall… didn’t know where we were sitting yet and wanted to be by the bathroom just in case, so we plopped down on the floor over there.  Which led to a nap… Well ZJ took a nap, I didn’t really… Kalila had a fun pretend game of dungeons and dragons going. She was the superhero and fighting off all the stuff.  Way too cute and wish I had that on tape.  Thankfully one of Baba’s aunts let me know when we were a few min away from people coming in (I was watching the clock, but still helpful) and we got up and found our table a few min before Mass let out.  Kalila met up with her new friend again and they ran around playing…  Everyone came in and things got started.

Right about then we started noticing ZJ was starting to get warm.  *sigh*  At least he waited until after right?  Going to skip ahead a bit… we ate, there was a slideshow.. and then the awards.   Baba got the youth one.  It was nice…  The priest stinking embarrassed me in the process, but still happy for Baba.  That finished a little later, pics were taken… talked to a few people and ran out the door again.  We’d planned to go groc shopping after, but between me & ZJ it wasn’t gonna happen.

He is already doing better.  Still has a slight fever, but its going down… and he’s up and playing. Whatever it is they caught seems to be a short lived one. Thankful for that.


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