Haircut Part 2 and Being Sick

No, thankfully I did not get whatever the kids had… Instead I came down with something completely different and now they are too.  Started off with this horrible sore throat, woke up and that was gone… but then I had a worse cough and congestion.  That’s slowly going away, but still there and now I’ve got a sinus headache and sneezing more.  I used my neti pot yesterday and that helped some… and I’ve been eating honey of course, but that’s about all we can do… that I have access to anyway.

Anyways… We did finally get ZJ’s hair fixed.  Baba caught him awake last night and gave him his haircut. *sniff*   It is going to need to be redone in a couple weeks, Kalila cut a little too close in a couple spots on back so it needs evening out… but at least its done.

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