Another *Fun* Day

Actually today wasn’t all that bad, just tiring… We had my second appointment at the Birth Center.  Like last time, it was set while Baba was working so we had to go on the bus.  I wasn’t really that worried about it this time. We’ve done it before. Its not that bad of a trip.

And the way over that was completely true…  The way back on the other hand… I had to transfer busses and missed my stop.  I got let out in a spot that I had no idea where I was. Thankfully a few minutes later I looked up and saw a Chik Filet sign.  Not just any Chik Filet, but one that some friends work at. One who happens to be my ex roommate (the others being her brother and mom).  Dragged myself and the kids in there about to cry, thinking that we may have to wait for Baba to get off work (and he’s working overtime tonight) and pick us up there and praying at least one of my friends was working.   Thankfully all three were there, and two of them helped me figure out that there was a stop for my bus right out front (not sure how I didn’t see it).

Thankfully (again) it wasn’t too long before our bus came and we made it home.  I was exhausted and a little sore by that point though. Got some fun pics of Kalila though (and a few mad ones of ZJ).

The appointment itself went well 🙂  We found the baby’s heart right away, was measuring 140’s and 150’s… which has Baba happy since he’s convinced we’re having a boy (so far we’ve followed the wives tale on that one perfectly with the others).   The other issue of the day though was getting my blood drawn…  I swear I hate my veins lol.   One arm is useless… The other is hit or miss.  One midwife tried, vein rolled. Another came in and tried, vein rolled.  Tried another type of needle, vein rolled.  Bad enough… but we decided to go with my hand since we’ve had luck w/ that in the past… and it worked… for awhile.  Until it just stopped giving blood.  No idea why…  Just stopped.  Didn’t bleed after either and now you can’t even tell I was poked there.  I really didn’t want to have to try again another day, so we attempted my other hand next.  Vein rolled.  Another spot in my hand as a last ditch effort… Yeah I’m sure you can guess the outcome there too…. *sigh*  I get to go in again next week lol.  Thankfully I love my midwives and don’t mind a bit, just feel bad that its been so much trouble.

Anyways, very glad to be home… and to not have anything planned for awhile.  Its been a very busy week or two.  All good things and I’ve been meaning to post about some of it, just haven’t had the chance. Hopefully soon lol.


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