Where’d They Go?

Had to laugh this morning… I was talking to a couple friends from Church for a few minutes and they were joking about her not being able to see her feet w/out bending over and I caught myself checking to see if I can.  Yeah not so much lol.  I don’t have to bend over far to see them at least 😉  Yet…  Just made me laugh though, not so much that I can’t but that I immediately looked without thinking about it.

On that subject I cannot believe how fast this pg is going by.  I guess I can, because the last two did quickly too, but this one seemed to drag during the first trimester and I guess I got used to that.

Anyways, beyond all of that…. its been a pretty good weekend.  Thursday & Friday were rough (long story) but Saturday things were back to normal… We had a nice morning together.  Baba went to his game that afternoon… and friends came over that evening. Which did leave a few hours in the middle where I was going crazy trying to catch up because of everything else.  It wouldn’t have been too bad, but stopped up sink about did me in lol. Thankfully I got most of it done and dinner ready on time.  They came & we had a lot of fun. Was great seeing them again.

Today was very similar. We’d promised the kids a playground trip so we decided to do that.  Tried to meet a friend and her kids for that too, but we ended up running behind and missed them completely. Oops!  I felt bad about it though… the one time I forget and leave my phone at home!  The kids had fun anyway though.  Kalila both cracked me up (and about made me cry, growing up too fast!) – Jas went to take her to the restroom and she told him that she had to go in alone because she had to go in the girls restroom and he wasn’t allowed in there.

Which reminds me… She is just getting me left and right w/ stuff like that lately. Some of her questions… esp baby related ones.  And we printed out Stations of the Cross cards at the beginning of Lent (I may do a separate post on that soon) and she’s already memorized them.  Apparently those were a great idea because both kids have gone crazy over them.

I’d better end this here if I want to have an MPM post tomorrow. Haven’t gotten the menu set yet lol.

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