Oh the Kids…

Actually have a few posts I’d like to do soon, but figured I’d do an update on the kids real quick first 🙂

Kalila –  Gotta love her lol… No she’s doing really well.  We’re still having our moments, like earlier tonight when she decided that she did not like our dinner plans and refused to eat.  She not only threw a fit, but had the nerve to ask me to order pizza.  Little girl’s got nerve lol…  Thankfully moments like that aren’t happening often (and no she did not get pizza).

She’s really taken off with drawing and writing lately.  I think I may have mentioned that before, but it still floors me. She’s trying to draw “things” now and most of the time they’re pretty recognizable.  Lots of flowers, grass, and suns of course… family pictures… animals.  The most interesting being an octopus, duck and platypus.   Some of the drawings crack me up, but I love it… and writing… she’s trying to write things other than her name now & sounding out the words.  Today she tried to write a letter to our neighbors niece saying she wanted to come play.

I’m sure there’s more… but lately it seems like drawing and reading are how she spends most of her day…  That and on Starfall.  She really likes the books and games on there.

ZJ –  Still cracks me up.  I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that he’s made such a big deal about this because he’s always been fascinated with hair, brushing and playing with it etc.. but the hair cut has become this big thing.  A few days ago he told me the story, said “Oh my! Lila cut me… Baba cut me too!”   And today he got a comb and a wiimote and pretended to shave my head… the whole time he was making a buzzing sound (which he’s done constantly since it happened too, that part wasn’t new at all) and would stop and say “cut cut” and go back to working on it.

Apparently he’s learning to count now..  Somehow I was caught off guard by that one.  Kalila asked him to count with her… they said 1 – 3 together and then he repeated the rest (to 8).  He still refuses to do colours… He did learn rainbow and calls them all that when we try.

He’s still doing really well w/ the potty.  Still not close to calling him trained, but he went 3 weeks w/out pooping in a diaper awhile back (the streak was broken though lol).   I love how much more relaxed this whole thing has been this time.

The baby – Ok not really any news there, just can’t leave him or her out lol.  I have actually felt some movement lately, so that’s fun.  It only happens when ZJ’s leaning up against my belly though lol.

I guess that’s about it.. at least that I can think of at the moment.  Will end with a newish pic.. is a couple weeks old or so, but I haven’t gotten many lately.


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