MPM 12 March – 18 March (IRISH WEEK & Lent Edition)

So excited, Irish week is back!  I had to laugh because I caught myself reading everything with a heavy Irish accent while working on this… Made me happy.  Have I mentioned I love this week?  Now.. I’m having to hold myself back and be logical here… almost everything is going to make a ton of food (even for us) and leftovers… so as much as I want to do lunches… most days here are not going to have them.  Monday will because its starting things off… and Friday will will because its Friday and Lent and everything already made will have meat.

Monday –

B –  Oatmeal

L –  Chip Sambo

D –  Honey Chicken w/ Lemon & Garlic,  Salad & White Soda Bread

Tuesday –

B –  Boxty

D – Bubble & Squeak 

Wednesday –

B – Nested Eggs? 

D –  Dublin Coddle x2 (one for home, one for potluck at Baba’s work)

Thursday –

B – Potato Farls w/ Eggs

D –  Corned Beef & Cabbage*   (chosen for this day because its a crock pot meal and we have plans that evening) w/ Champ

Friday –

B – Oatmeal

L – Potato Leek Soup

D – Cod Cobbler  &  Colcannon

Saturday –

B –  Full Irish Breakfast  (not sure if I’m going to skip black and white pudding altogether or do like a friend, and give it an American can’t stand the thought of pigs blood twist and do choc/vanilla puddings lol)

D – Shepherd’s Pie

Blackberry Crumble for desert

Sunday –

B –  Oatmeal

D – Leftovers


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