Another Fun Week

I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe my last week that wouldn’t sound like I’m complaining because I really don’t want that… or too wordy because I don’t want a 50 page post.  Unfortunately both are hard because so many things happened this last week that it’s funny now and one of them could easily be a huge post. Wasn’t all bad though, not even close.

Lets see… in the past week (in no particular order) I’ve smashed a finger in the door, slammed the washing machine down on my hand, had a bookshelf explode… and then after emptying it had it fall on me (literally crumpled on itself and fall over), walked into a doorway, poked a hole in my birthing ball (and spent a good part of the day wondering why every time I sat down I seemed to shrink), wore myself out trying to find places for books and moving them around, and found out/dealt with finding out that we may not have an ultrasound this pregnancy.

Obviously the last one is the one I could easily write a ton about… and I might at some point but right now just don’t feel like it.

Beyond that… it was Irish week of course, which is always fun… We got to see a friend one night, and Kalila went to visit Gran for a few days too.  Hopefully I’ll have pictures of that to share at some point soon.


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