Sigh of Relief…

Seriously I think one of the things that made last week more bearable (and why I laughed through most of it) was I knew this week would be better… and despite last night’s storm, it really has been so far!

Baba called yesterday and asked about a new schedule change he’s offered.  It has its ups and downs to it, but we’re excited about it.  The best part is he’ll be able to make the rest of our midwife appointments (or should be able to).  He starts the new schedule next week… which is great, but I’ll get to that in a min lol.

Backing up a bit about the ultrasound issue…  I called to see about scheduling one last week and was told I’d only have one option.  That alone wouldn’t have been a problem, except I went to schedule one there and was told it’d be an hour long (on the machine, no choice in the matter), no pictures and no gender check.   I actually called each place back a second time to make sure I’d gotten correct info… was this our only choice, did they really mean a whole hour, etc.   Then I talked to Baba.  Neither of us were thrilled with the idea of not having one, so we decided to ask about it at my next visit, but as is looked like we might not get one.  I can’t speak for Baba, but I got to the point of just not wanting to get my hopes up and started planning for what we’d need to do if we’re having a surprise.  Yes… I have to plan for that lol.

Well, appointment was today.  So excited to go on the bus for the last time… esp after how it started out…  got there a bit early & went picture crazy with the kids lol.  Anyways, had a really good appointment overall…

And… found out there is another place we could have it done and that it wouldn’t take as long (20/30 min like we expected).  *whew*  I got all the info for that and made the call as soon as we got home.  Ultrasound is scheduled for next week…  Hopefully this little one is as immodest as his or her brother & sister were, but after the whole last week I’m not really worried about it either.   Is on Baba’s new day off too so that’s even better 😀

Came home, exhausted from the trip, and went on making phone calls…  Backing up again, another not mentioned thing from last week was the whole phone issue. Not really a big deal (isn’t like there was anything important going on) but seemed like everyone was hard to get ahold of or phones not working (including my own lol).  I caught my youngest sister once for a few minutes and my dad here and there but not long enough to talk.  Finally did today…  Well, my mom called yesterday but still…  Managed to catch my dad this afternoon and then both sisters after that.  Was great getting to catch up with everyone .

Now if I can just find someone to watch the kids for part of a day this week so I can get a few things done downtown and we’ll be all set… Still having a bit of a hard time w/ that one unfortunately.


2 thoughts on “Sigh of Relief…

  1. Salma says:

    Wow, lots going on, I had to re-read the post cause I was confused about the ultrasound.
    I hope things are settling down a bit now and that baba will be able to make the other appointments.


    • Mama Kalila says:

      Sorry, thought I’d found a way to make what happened pretty clear without turning it into a novel lol. Blaming pregnancy brain…

      And thanks.. things have settled down a lot, but it was ok really. The week before was rough but like I said I knew this one would be better so its ok 🙂 And Baba will be able to make the others as long as we’re able to schedule them all on Tuesdays lol. Both the u/s and our next one both are at least.

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