Bday’s & Such

Second half of this week has been a little less eventful lol.

The other day was Gido’s Bday… Kalila made him a card, that I wish I got a picture of. It was way too cute.   And because she was asking to make him a cake for over a month, we did that too. She insisted on it being pink and having sprinkles so I had to laugh about that… but it was fun.  Got several pictures of them licking the bowl and covered in chocolate too 😀

Btw (since it was pointed out on FB) ignore the shirt she’s wearing… I did NOT pick that one out :-/

Yesterday’s plans (well 2 days ago now… this has been sitting here) were completely thrown off by an unexpected trip down to the store.  Baba needed us to go on our own, which meant pulling out the only working stroller at the moment (the crappy umbrella one) and walking the kids down there.  It was a beautiful day, so no complaints about that. It was a very tiring trip though to put it mildly and I’m hoping we don’t have to do it again.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but have been meaning too.  ZJ is starting to talk so much more now. Its adorable. He’s using whole sentences and there’s several new words a day.  The other day he finally said “Simi”  –  Kimosimi.  Before he called him Mumble..  He’s also started blowing kisses and will say bless you when you sneeze and all that fun stuff.  I just love this stage lol.

Kalila gotta love her is as silly as ever.  This post has been pushed back another day & I know I have one I need to post tomorrow so going to end here on that note with a picture of her and her silliness. LOL I love it!

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