Loving Tuesdays Now

Yeah I have to say I love Baba’s new schedule.  I was a little afraid that I’d have trouble getting up since he leaves way before I do, but no… I haven’t had much of a problem with that.  I was also afraid it’d be harder to get the kids down at night, but his going to bed earlier makes that easier than it ever has been.  And the extra day off… So helpful lol.

And because of that… we had a great day today.

Parts of it were cute… Like Kalila teaching ZJ to sing the ABC song, or him telling me to watch him while he sang Row Row Row Your Boat (note: he does not have all the words, but is very enthusiastic). Parts of it were hilarious… Like Kalila telling Baba that she thinks she’s smarter than him because she can think of everything and ZJ singing “Don’t, don’t, don’t bite boobies!”  Parts were sweet.. Like ZJ telling me he loves me too and feeling Keiran kick like mad (now that I’m finally feeling it more).

We got one major errand out of the way… Long story short, somehow my SS # wasn’t changed over when I thought it was… Oops!  Is done now, so my name is officially changed… for real.  We got some other errands done too, but didn’t get the other main thing we wanted/needed to do. Kalila’s haircut.  More than a little frusterated about that, but not getting into that.

The giveaway I won awhile back for “The Business of Being Born” dvd and “Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth” came in… it ended up including a second book, one on the Bradley Method.  I haven’t started that one yet, but picked up Thinking Woman’s Guide and had a hard time putting it down lol.

I’d say I wish it weren’t over now… but I’m exhausted at this point and very much looking forward to some sleep!


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