Good Friday Already?

Sorry it just doesn’t seem possible…

We decided awhile back (at the beginning of Lent?) that we were going to go to Church from Holy Thurs – Easter again this year, something we haven’t done in a long time… I’ve really missed it.   Yesterday started off a bit rough, Baba was going to come straight home from work… but instead got a late call and had to rush.  Thankfully it meant we were completely ready (well Kalila needed to put her shoes on) and made it out the door faster than we ever have before.  We were a little late, but not as much so as we could have been.   Hopefully tonight will go a little smoother.  He’s working again so we’ll see.

I’m thinking I might try this this year for the kids.  I need to go back and see which “dye’s” worked best last year, but I love the way these look and it sounds pretty easy.  Figuring that will happen tomorrow morning so hopefully I’ll have a post and some pics soon 🙂



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