Oh April…

I could be wrong, but at this point it feels like this is just going to be a super crazy month for us.

We have Easter this weekend.  Kalila has her interview at the school next Tuesday (so stinking excited about that!).  My birthday is the next weekend, although losing excitement over that quickly since it doesn’t look like we’ll get to do what I hoped.  Play date with a friend the next day.  Babywearing meeting the next week if I can make it… Another appointment in there somewhere… and of course ZJ’s birthday ending the whole thing.  I know I’m missing a few things too.

As for ZJ’s birthday…

I’ve settled on a recipe I want to try out for ZJ’s bday… Is a banana cake.  I’m not going to use the icing it mentions because its going to be a football and cream cheese doesn’t work so well with that. I think chocolate would still be good though. We’ll see… I might end up doing that today since I have the bananas and they’re about to the point where they need to be cooked 🙂

Like I mentioned before, we’re doing a football theme.  I’m happy with it… we already had the football pan and its so easy to do all the way around.  The only thing I was even a little worried about was coming up with an invitation, but I managed to find an idea that I loved.  They’re tickets 😀  Is just too cute.

We’re still debating what to get him… He needs clothes.  Poor thing always needs clothes lol.  Would like to get him at least one toy though.. We’ve had a couple of ideas for that and either one would prob go over well so we’ll see…


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