Easter 2012

Nothing about Easter or this last weekend has gone the way we expected it too.  Horrible week, tiring weekend… the kids were not up for Mass (literally or figuratively)… and we spent most of the time rushing to get stuff done.  Half of it didn’t… So there’s going to be more pictures either tomorrow or Weds of our own egg hunt because that was one of the things that slipped.

I did get the eggs dyed though…

First off, absolutely loved how they turned out.  I think my favourite plant to use was the mint.  On some of the eggs it left a light mint green behind… you can’t really see it in the pictures, but its just beautiful.  I wish I’d had more flowers… the only ones I did have were tiny little ones Kalila picked for me earlier that day lol.  They didn’t work nearly as well, but still cute.  I had a lace pattern I used one one egg that turned out nice too… and using onion skins for mottleing like mentioned on the other blog I linked was nice too.

The dyes…

Yellow onion skins do great… just like everyone else has said.  Mine weren’t the dark rusty red colour, but I know why.  I didn’t boil my eggs along with them.  As much as I like how they turned out… I will do that next year.

Blueberries are still one of my fav’s.  Such a dark colour comes off of them and it (along with the onion skins) was one of the ones that did great w/ mint.

Beets… I wish I’d done one w/out the hose/plants to see how it would have come out…  They were beautiful as is, but still.



Paprika I’m prob not doing again, although it does a pretty good job too lol.

No, I’m happy with how they turned out… much better than last year’s 🙂

I did not get a lot of pictures once we got to Baba’s aunts house… I got a few video’s and tried to get a good number of pictures, but… half of them went blurry lol.  I did get some that I like though.

Baba & Gido



So yeah that was our Easter… def better than the rest of the week was.  Was fun.


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