Going Back to Sleep

I’ve been thinking over this post for awhile now and just haven’t gotten to it…   ZJ & sleep.

While he’s always been a much “better” sleeper than his sister, they do have one thing in common.  He was not ready to go without having a drink in the middle of the night at 9 months or a year.

Note: I say a better sleeper because he is calmer and doesn’t have all the issues with going to sleep, staying asleep, etc.  He has had a couple night terrors but even those are milder.  Not meaning it bad against her, she’s just had a lot of trouble getting a good nights sleep… thankfully that is getting better over time. 

I know I mentioned back when Kalila was around that age (9 months or so) that I wasn’t comfortable pushing that issue… and that hadn’t really changed with ZJ.  I was completely ok with him needing a drink once or twice a night.  Part of that might be because at the time I didn’t really notice lol.

I did start noticing the last month or so though.  I’m to that lovely point in pregnancy that nursing isn’t always comfortable.  Its not horrible either.. and isn’t always uncomfortable even, but still.   And it makes sense… looking back, I can’t remember the exact week in pg I was when we weaned Kalila, but it was right around this point and feeling like that played a part in it.

Now… Not saying I’m even close to thinking about weaning ZJ.  I still feel strongly about him making it to two years old and weaning himself.   But night time is hard for me right now. I started waking up when he’d latch on… and losing sleep. Not good.

Then one day a couple weeks ago or so I told him after a round of that, that it was time to go back to sleep… I felt horrible about it, but the little guy rolled off, snuggled into the pillow and slept!  Curious I tried it the next time… and he did it again.

I’ve just been going with it.  Some nights it happens more often than others… but in general is going well.   Upside of this is it may help with transitioning him to his room… I’m hoping to do that sometime around his birthday, but we’ll see.  He does ask to sleep in there occasionally so I’m hoping that’s a good sign!


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