Tuesday Oh Tuesday…

We had another just crazy busy Tuesday… I have a feeling they’re all going to be this way. Its nice though.

Plans for our Easter Egg hunt fell through again because of it. I was a bit disappointed at first, but I started thinking about it and I would have felt bad doing it that day too.  We had a family funeral going on out of town, that unfortunately we couldn’t make it to… and doing the egg hunt while everyone was there would not have felt right.  This weekend though…

Really we only had two things that went on, but they were two really big things.

First the DMV.  Long story short (LOL) I needed to renew my drivers license.  This has been a lot more drama than it should have been because apparently when I changed my name almost 5 years ago… I didn’t.  I went in to renew when my license expired and found out despite thinking it was changed and it being changed on my drivers license… it really wasn’t and I couldn’t renew.  I kept trying to get it fixed and unfortunately there is just no way to do it without going in to the actual SS office and that’s easier said than done w/ 2 kids, 1 car and little time off.  We finally got that done last week and I headed back to get my license yesterday.  And the lady at the check in station laughed (can’t blame her) because I barely made it in time…  If we’d done it after Saturday I’d have had to retake all the tests and everything.  Thankfully, despite the huge line just to get in the building, it went pretty quickly and everyone was really nice so it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been.

Then we had Kalila’s interview.  Not a whole lot to say here, it went well.  Kalila is still excited about it…  She got to play and she loves the school.  We won’t know for awhile if she’s getting in this year or not because they’re still interviewing some other families, but hopefully it won’t be long.

So that was our Tuesday… Baba’s back at work today and our week here is starting again so… I should get.

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