Another Saint Coincidence…

A couple years ago or so I posted about ZJ and St. Expiditus.  Long story short, he was due on St. Expiditus’ Feast Day… the patron saint of procrastinators (which we are bad about doing and of course ZJ held out another 2 weeks on top of that!).

I haven’t looked to see which Feast Day is on Keiran’s Guess date…

Hmmm… Maybe I should do that… LOL

But we found another little oddity with Saints and our family.  This time its names…  One of the reasons I liked Keiran’s name when Baba brought it up is because its a saints name.  There are 6 of them in fact!  We were talking about spelling again tonight though and I pulled up a page on the name that both mentions the different spellings and people with the name and saw that Saint Ciarán of Clonsost’s Feast Day is on ZJ’s bday.  Baba joked that we gave the wrong boy the name… but no Zavier fits our first son too well.   There is another who’s Feast Day is a lot closer to our guess date, but a little farther than we’re likely to go.  At least I hope!  😀


One thought on “Another Saint Coincidence…

  1. Keith says:

    When is his guess date? You should create a pool for people to guess!

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