A Little Randomness

Warning I think I’m going to be writing this over a period of a few days, so we’ll see how badly this turns out lol. I’ll be jumping around a lot though!

ZJ said his first word in Kiswahili 😉  Khanga. Not that it should be a big surprise, I use one as a nursing cover at Church… but he saw it in the laundry today (Friday) and said it.  Made me smile…  Which I needed since its been a rough day.

I think I’ve about decided… I’m going to start reviewing (well more like retaking) my Hypnobabies class on Monday.  I know its early, but I think I want to devote 2 weeks to each weeks material this time around and starting now that would work perfectly.   I know part of that is I’m just excited about practicing again lol, but I am starting to get some lovely heartburn (which oddly enough does not happen when I have things that typically cause it) and the light switch thing works wonders for that, but I’m so out of practice… That is influencing the decision a lot lol.  Either way, definite upside to having gone the home study route last time…  Everything is already here and ready to go when ever I choose to do it 🙂

I am now craving pickle snowcones thanks to a friend on Facebook ;-D I wonder if Jas will humour me and let me get one for my bday…  Somehow I don’t see that happening since it’d include us hunting all over town for one :-/

Kalila Kalila Kalila…  Thurs night she tried to get out of bedtime by asking what if the characters in her book came to life and got outside her book and tried to scare her.  Today (Friday still) she drew some “inventions”.  One was an everything machine… there’s a button you press and it can make… well… everything lol.

Birthday started off a little rough, but has gotten better.  Granny came to town and we got to see her this morning (Saturday).  She’s gonna watch the kids tonight so Baba & I can go out.

Was a little disappointed the other day because I saw that Grovia is getting rid of their older prints and coming out with new ones. Don’t get me wrong, the new ones are stinking cute… but we’d planned to get Keiran the one w/ planes on it.  GBG only had 3 left (on sale) so I didn’t think we’d get one before they were gone… but I got to do that today thanks to a friend.  Very excited about that… I love the Grovia shell we have.  I picked up a Hemp Babies Flat Weeds as well, so we’ll see how that is lol.  I like the look of it though.

My bday ended up being better than it looked like it was going to be.  We had breakfast with Granny and then later took the kids to her motel room, so she & Nana could watch them while we went out.  It was nice…  Apparently Keiran likes sushi, he kicked the entire time we were eating lol.

Today (Sunday) we’re all just exhausted.  Got up in time for the 8am Mass for once (yay!) and then took the kids over to the mall playground after Kalila’s class to run off some steam before meeting up with Gido.  We’ve all had naps/are napping now and not planning much of anything else.

And I guess that’s it.  Shouldn’t have anything else to add this weekend lol.


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