Sleep & PT Updates

I may regret writing this, but oh well 😉

Kalila and the constant sleep roller coaster…  but no its still getting better.  She’s not fighting bedtime nearly as often.  She does still try to convince us to let her sleep in here… but we got back on their bedtime routine recently and that’s helping a lot with that one.  With both issues really.  Last night she woke up around 10:30 and tried to sneak in here (she usually does, but its early morning which I don’t mind so much).  I was getting ready for bed at the time and watched her crawl in, give a little smile and fall immediately back asleep next to her brother.  I thought about leaving it, but that early no… Got her back to her room & she woke for a second when I laid her down, but again right back to sleep and stayed there most of the night.   Its definitely progress either way and just a huge relief.

ZJ and the potty?  Oh good grief this boy seems in a hurry to grow up lol. No, I know its a pretty good time for him to be working on this now…. And he’s really close.  He’d gotten to the point months ago where he did great using it if we let him run around naked. Boxers on the other hand just confuse the poor boy lol.  We only had 3 pairs until about a week ago so I had a hard time being consistent about putting him in those.  So accident in them = going back to naked or back to a diaper.. and we bounced back and forth a little too much for him to be fully trained.  Granny brought him 3 whole packages of boxers when she came though, so we’ve decided to go ahead and put the diapers away (except for car rides for now… I’m not ready to take that chance lol).  I’m still not going with any serious potty training method… He’s doing well enough w/out that and I’d rather him do it when he’s ready.  He seems like he is. We’ll see how it goes though 🙂


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