First Family Meeting…

I haven’t gotten around to mentioning it on here, mostly because I haven’t finished the book, but one of my “birthday presents” was the book Positive Discipline A-Z.  I’m not going into a real review here. Like I said, I’m not done… and isn’t what I want the post to be about.  I mention it though because one of the ideas in it that I really liked (I will say that there are some in it I love and some that are so not for us) is the family meeting.

The idea wasn’t something completely new to me or us… Its something I already wanted to do, it’d been mentioned a few times in passing.  But no plans put in place or anything.   After about the 50th time it was mentioned in the book I brought it up to Baba and we started talking about it more.  I still wasn’t sure when I wanted to start or how though…

Then looking up something completely unrelated (ok not completely, but pretty unrelated) and found a blog post by Single Dad Brad on the topic that I just loved.  Ok, there are several posts that I like on there… I’d heard of the tool cards before, but hadn’t actually seen them before.  After seeing his posts on them I can see why they’re so highly recommended.  But before I go completely off topic, after reading that post I started making plans for how to set this up.   I also used an article by Dr Jane Nelson that was linked on his site (or somewhat linked to his site).  I like how she has the “training plan”  – We kinda jumped right in instead, but it is a good idea!

So how did it go?

Pretty well actually…  Kalila was really excited about it.  ZJ just sat there and ate strawberries lol… and smiled a lot.  But Kalila was very interested in the whole thing.  And I feel a lot more on top of things and ready for the week.  We went over some changes in how we’re doing things here… some of which have already started (the new bedtime routine started awhile back) and what we need to get done for the party next week (NEXT WEEK???).  I’m looking forward to seeing how this works/changes/etc over time.  I’m glad we’ve started though.

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