My Monkey!

Baba has this stuffed monkey from when he was a kid… It got put with the rest of the kids toys a long time ago, but Kalila’s never really been interested in it.  I packed away a lot of them a few months ago and like everything else they all got pulled out again.  So much work to do… Anyways, tonight Kalila rediscovered the monkey… and gave it to her brother.

Kalila might not have liked it, but ZJ has really taken to the thing.  Immediately it was “his”.  He told us so several times… carried it around all night, hugged it, kissed it… even gave it high fives.  Kalila picked it up again at one point and get got all kinds of upset…  Poor Kalila was so confused, she really doesn’t like it and didn’t understand. Thankfully Baba got it straightened out.  But yeah… He’s sleeping with it now too.

Got this right before he drifted off…

Obviously its just cute to begin with and Baba is thrilled that his son has attached himself to his old toy.   But beyond that…  Ok, I don’t know if its connected or not, but him cuddling this toy to sleep changed the entire going to sleep routine tonight & was just so much easier.

We’re night weaning.

Part of me hates to admit that… I’m not 100% sure he was ready too, but I needed the break and while the routine we’d settled into that I mentioned before (the letting him nurse a few minutes and then telling him to go back to sleep) was working, Baba brought this up and it made sense.  Esp if we want him to transition to his room soon…

Its been over a week since we decided to do that and some nights have been better than others.   Getting him down isn’t as easy (he does nurse for a bit before, but doesn’t nurse to sleep – was starting to not do that anyway)… actually I think that’s been the hardest part.

Which brings me to tonight. He was fighting bedtime… but a few minutes after they laid down, ZJ grabbed his monkey and came over to me.  He climbed up in my lap and just laid their hugging the thing and smiled at me as he drifted off.  It was really sweet.

Obviously no idea if that’s gonna happen again lol… or how long he’s going to stay attached to this toy. I’m kinda hoping he does though because its just way too cute.  As for the rest… he’ll be ok.  I’m already noticing it getting easier.  I think he’s trying to make up for it in the mornings lol, but still 😀


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