Did he really?

So last night Kalila decided to try and convince ZJ to sleep in their room.  We’ve been wanting him to transition in there around now, so I definitely wasn’t arguing against it lol… but he was.  He told her very insistently that no, he was sleeping with Baba.

I kinda laughed about it, it was cute… and told him that was fine, he could sleep with Baba… but first we needed to read our stories and finish the bedtime routine in their room.  He got his book and sat down.  We read his, then Kalila’s and then he tried to get me to read his again lol…  Kalila laid down while I turned on her night music, and ZJ pretty much attacked me wanting to nurse one last time before bed.

He was really focused and I could tell he was tired, so I laid down with him there wondering if he’d actually fall asleep on his bed… and he did!

I got up, came in here and about crashed myself… Mostly expecting to hear little feet in the middle of the night.  I woke up at 5 and almost panicked when he wasn’t there..

Yup, sound asleep in his own bed still…

*sigh*   No really I’m glad he did.  We want him to transition right now…  But he’s my cuddle bug…   Of course this is just one night, we’ll see how the next (and so on) goes.


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