Happy Bday Bub!

Yeah so I have absolutely no pictures to go along with this lol.  A friend took a bunch yesterday and I’m really looking forward to seeing them, but I didn’t take a single one.

I still can’t believe he’s 2 now…  I’d complain about time flying by, but its not like I’m surprised… it did with Kalila too.  Does with her too.

I made myself cry this morning lol… I posted a link to his birth story on FB, not the one I posted on here the night he was born, but the one I did on NFT.  Not that I don’t love the one I did on here and all the pictures on it, but I don’t think it makes as much sense lol. I was still pretty fuzzy when I wrote it 😀

Yeah Baba stole the computer and I didn’t get to finish…  I did, however, get to take a couple of pictures of ZJ right before bed last night though! Yay for bday pictures lol.

Anyways… Party was nice. By the time it started I was about exhausted, but honestly it kinda worked out for the best that way.  I finished making the cake and then tried to actually enjoy myself instead of worrying about a million things like I normally do.   Kalila behaved incredibly well… She was so excited about seeing everyone and was just talking up a storm.  ZJ was just a cutie walking around and playing the whole time.  Well… he started out grumpy and was clingy when a couple of his aunts tried to talk to him, but other than that… lol.

Hopefully there will be more pictures soon… I do already have another post in mind (that I so wasn’t expecting!), but is gonna wait a bit…. Want to get breakfast started before Kalila wakes up.

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