Another Week (Almost) Down

Lets see…

Baba & I (combining here because not a lot to say lol) are doing well.   Can’t believe I didn’t update after our date last week, but we ended up having a lot of fun.  We went out to eat & saw the Avengers… which I knew we’d enjoy, but was even better than I expected lol.  Baba took this picture right before we left for the movie (so this was last week, not the most recent).

Not a whole lot since then. He’s busy with work. I’m busy with stuff here at home.  Fun fun.

Kalila –  Probably has the biggest news of us all this week.  I don’t remember if I mentioned her interview on here, but last month she had an interview for the Prek class.  It went well, but there were only a couple spots open so we were just waiting and hoping… Well a few days ago I got the phone call.  She did not get into Prek, but she did get into Kindergarten.  She’s very excited about it and can’t wait to start.  We’re pretty happy about it too… Is a bit of an adjustment, but still 🙂

She is doing amazingly well with the “new” (not so much anymore) routines this time around.  I guess it finally clicked…  She even walked her Gran through them when they slept over last weekend.  Morning is still a struggle, but the night one is big.  Nights have been so much easier than before…

She’s back to insisting that we’re going to have a little girl after Keiran is born… but like a few days after or something like that.  She kept going on about it tonight wanting to pick names.

I don’t remember when this started, but it never fails to make me smile… She’s gotten into this habit of telling me every night at dinner that I make the best food she’s ever had.  Each one is the best lol.  Poor Baba one night (last week?) he was the one that cooked and I still got the compliment… and when we told her it was him she got this confused look that was just adorable.

ZJ –  Where to start? LOL

Lets see… night weaning is going well.  He doesn’t really ask at night anymore.  Last night he did wake up wanting a drink of water though… He got really upset about it too.

Potty “training” – quotes because its not us doing it – is too.  He’s decided that he needs to get up there (on the big potty) himself and has started dragging the step stool over to help.  The whole time he tells me “Me do it!” lol.  We’re hearing that phrase a lot more in general too.  It really hit me how far he’s come on it the other day though when he had some kind of tummy bug. Poor thing was crying to go potty every few minutes or so (and looked miserable the whole time) but just had to be on there… and that night we put him in a diaper just in case, but the next morning it was completely unused.  Thankfully the bug passed btw.. he’s doing much better.

I need to get some more video’s of him talking… every day he surprises me with something.  Such a fun age 🙂

Can’t believe I almost forgot this one lol… He did great staying away from us overnight last week.  Gran said he got upset when he realized we were gone, but they got him distracted and he did just fine after that.  Night wasn’t an issue… and when we got there he was happy and walked up to me with a big smile. He’s talked about going back since then…  Well, he’s also mentioned sending Kalila there lol.  He got mad at her earlier and that was his solution 😀

Keiran –  Can’t leave him out lol.  Not really much to say.  The pg is going well… He’s moving a lot now.  I swear it seems like he moves a lot more than his brother or sister did.

I should prob get off here and head to bed soon…. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and we have to get an early start.


2 thoughts on “Another Week (Almost) Down

  1. Salma says:

    Wow look at you. I love that belly. I’m so happy for you looking ALL BEAUTIFUL.
    So many updates…I’ve missed so much.


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