Flying By…

This is going to be quick since we have a pretty full day today, but I actually have some time this morning thanks to ZJ waking us up early and Baba running out for something.

Last week had its good points and its bad.

We had an appointment at the Birth Center on Tuesday.  This was one of the big ones… 27 weeks = the 1 hour glucose test along with checking my rh antibody levels and anemia.  Good news – heard nothing about antibodies (first round of tests showed an extremely low level of them, but I was still in the period of time after getting that 6 week rhogam shot that it made sense for them to be there at the time).  Better news – iron levels going up/almost normal.  Bad news – I failed the GD test.  The rest of the appointment went well though…

Weds I got the call about the GD test.  Spent the afternoon rushing to find someone to watch the kids so I could go in for the 3 hour test and failed miserably lol.  Gido did say he’d take us though.

Thurs morning, got up and rushed to get ready…  Was still really worried about how the kids would do for 3 hours up there.  Thankfully Gido stayed with us and they ended up doing great.  Test was awful, but I expected that…  And if I’m gonna have to go through it, at least it was there… that helped a lot.

Friday… kids started out really hyper and just into everything.  I think our schedule being so off the day before just really messed with us all.  I was having trouble staying calm too, so definitely don’t blame them for it.  That afternoon I got a package in the mail right before Baba got home followed by (best news of the week really) a phone call saying that I passed the 3 hour test.   Kids actually fell asleep quickly and in their own beds too so the whole day ended on a very positive note lol.

Somewhere towards the end of the week Baba let me know we had a family party to go to on Sat (one of his cousins received her First Communion).  I want to say I found that out Thurs or Fri lol.   We got up and made a big breakfast first though and then watched the Spurs game that afternoon and then the party.  The whole day was just a lot of fun.

Have Church today of course… and may get to see a college friend who’s in town (hoping so) and then the kids are talking about a trip to the playground. We’ll see.

No wonder the weeks are flying by though right 😉


3 thoughts on “Flying By…

  1. Salma says:

    I’m glad the glucose test went well 🙂
    Glad to read your updates overall. I wanted to email you for Mom’s Day, but just didn’t get around to using the computer. We are moving, so a bit of a hassle.


  2. Salma says:

    ..or is the GD test the glucose…sorry…confused…lol
    what did you fail?

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yes GD test is the glucose test, didn’t realize I switched terms.. I failed the 1 hour version of it and passed the 3 hour one (ie no gestational diabetes thankfully, but had me worried for a couple days).

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