Friday Catchup Whatever…

It has been a long week…


The Good – Kids did amazingly well at Church.  Definitely seeing improvement there.  I had my SANP meeting that afternoon too (mama free time lol) and it was nice… was on children’s dental health this time and got a lot of good info/advice.

The Bad – While I was at the meeting Baba had the kids at a playground and a little boy went after ZJ.  He’s ok… and I’m not getting into the whole thing now, but the whole situation was just bad all the way around.  Thankfully the kids got over it pretty quickly, one night of being a little fussy and a day or so of Kalila talking about it and haven’t heard anymore since.


Had my appointment.  In awe of already being to the “go every 2 weeks” point.  It went well of course. I wish I had pictures though because they let Kalila put the doppler thing on me and she was so excited about that lol.


Go Baby Go (seriously one of my favourite shops here in town) reached 2500 fans on Facebook and opened up a huge giveaway. They’re doing one for a Boba 3G Babycarrier .   <GBG Facebook Giveaway linked here>   Btw I am not getting an entry for mentioning this here…  You enter by doing reviews on her shop of items you’ve tried and leaving a comment on the giveaway post.  A little more time consuming than the rafflecopter (esp if you’ve used much lol) but still pretty easy.  No sharing because a) its a great giveaway and b) like I said before I absolutely love GBG.

Nothing else really happened Weds btw…


One of the baby’s from my due date group that has already been born had surgery yesterday morning.  She came through it well, but they do still need prayers.

They aren’t the only ones that could use prayers right now either btw…  I heard about 3 different families/situations yesterday that really need them too.

Beyond that:

I’ve missed quite a few things the past few weeks on here…  Now if I can just remember everything.

BAI –  I hinted at this a few weeks ago or so… Took about another week before it became official, and I posted everywhere but here at the time lol.  I am officially a student at Birth Arts International.  Right now I am just going for my postpartum doula certification… I do plan to get others in time, but we decided that was the best place to start.   I’m still very excited about it, even if doing homework and all that again is a bit of an adjustment.

Kalila has decided she wants Clifford the Big Red Dog as her bday theme this year…. We’ll see if that sticks lol, but I did find a recipe that would be perfect for the cake if she does. Will have to try it out soon…

She got her hair cut again the other day too… Kinda sad because it was just long enough that I got it into braids for the first time ever on Sunday (took forever, but still).  But she needed it and it looks cute on her too.

ZJ has taken to the toddler sleepytime script from Hypnobabies…  Unlike Kalila (who would pass out after running through it completely at least twice) he’s out in about 5 to 10 minutes lol.  It is really helping with transitioning him to his bed too…  Last night he slept in there all night, stumbled in here about 4 in the morning right before Baba’s alarm went off.  He wasn’t crying this time either when he did so that’s another big step I think.

Some other recent pics that I like:

That last one was just so sweet… Baba fell asleep watching the Spurs game and Kalila grabbed her stuff off the bed and joined him.  Was just too cute.

I’m sure I’m still missing stuff, but oh well..  So glad the weekend is almost here. Now to start my Friday…



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