Starting to see a theme…

Definitely not going to say I’m going to keep up this updating on the week on Friday thing because that’s a sure way for it not to happen anymore 😉  but I do seem to be stuck on doing it lately lol.

Once again, so much has happened lately I don’t even know where to start.

“Classes” are going well… I got my first two grades in a couple days ago and very happy with that.  I am still adjusting to having homework and reading and stuff again, but I am enjoying it.

Finally managed to catch up with family members a few days ago too. Was nice…  Had to smile, ZJ started saying Granddaddy while I was on the phone with him (my Granddaddy, not my dad.. kids call him Grandpa).  He was all sorts of proud of himself… and then showed off his singing skills when I was on the phone w/ Nana too lol.  For once Kalila completely ignored the phone the entire time.

I won that giveaway I mentioned last week :-).  Completely unexpected, but I’m still really excited about it.  We’re picking it up tomorrow morning… Just in time for Folklife lol.

Got some pictures with the kids a few days ago…

Speaking of the kids…  *sigh* I love them… but they’re growing up too fast.

Kalila is reading more and more, she’ll randomly spout out words she’s reading around her… and taken an interest in math now too.

ZJ is officially potty trained (granted it was all him, not us lol).  Now I’m keeping in mind that there’s a good chance he could regress at some point, but there hasn’t been a diaper in weeks (over a month? I’m not sure) and I can count accidents on one hand… He takes himself to the potty and rarely asks for help beyond cleaning up (which he wants to do himself too lol).  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about it… but makes me want to cry too lol.  Will say I’m thankful though… I know from experience it can be much harder.

Keiran is still here kicking and squirming away. Definitely one of my favourite parts of being pregnant 🙂

Speaking of pregnancy…  Hitting that stage of starting to think about what all needs to get done (esp since its flying by again lol).  Slowly it is happening…

I’ve been wanting/meaning to write a post on family meetings…  Hopefully I’ll get around to it at some point, but have to say I am glad we started those.  I can’t even tell you how much help its been in more ways than one.  But its been a huge help in getting back on top of things like menu planning and housework schedules, etc…  and with the kids of course (main reason we started).

Today was not one of those on top of things days unfortunately.  I’ve hit the point of needing a maternity belt (missed out on that last time around) and just could not get anything done today. Thankfully that will be fixed tomorrow morning… and (again thankfully) the kids had a great day, behaved very well & helped me out a lot overall.  I can’t actually complain about it lol…

Eek just saw the time… I’ve gotta get up early so we can do that tomorrow…


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