Boba & Folklife

So last week I won that giveaway from Go Baby Go and my first chance to pick up the prize was on Saturday morning.  When we started talking about going that morning I realized that it was perfect timing with Folklife being this (last) weekend.  I absolutely love going to Folklife, but the idea of chasing a 2 year old around did not sound like a lot of fun… So I double checked that I could use the Boba while pregnant (figuring if not I’d pull out our Mei Tai) and was happy to find that I could 🙂

Saturday morning… We got a late start, which kinda stunk because our plan was to go get me a maternity belt and then go pick up the carrier and I’d really hoped to get to look around a little… possibly get some ideas for my “registry” (doing like we did last time and keeping one as a reference of what we need/want to get before he comes) and see if I wanted to adjust anything on there.  But no… Pretty much had to run in and out 😦   and skipped getting the belt altogether.

Went straight to the festival, got ZJ on my back… and I have to say I love this carrier.  At least for baby wearing while pg lol…  Remember that belt I was/am needing to get?  The bottom of this carrier wraps around the same area, so as soon as I put it on I felt ten times better than I had in days.  Adding 25 (or so) pounds of baby didn’t change that… and of course he was thrilled. He loves riding on our backs.

I wish I’d gotten a picture, but no…  The only one(s) I did get were of ZJ when he insisted on putting it on himself. He said he wanted to carry mommy…

Now can’t say I’ll probably be using it again or much before Keiran comes… Don’t really have many reasons to babywear at this point lol.  We’re here 99% of the time and ZJ just doesn’t need to.  He’s a busy boy now 😉  Glad I have the option of course, and very much looking forward to using it more once the baby is born!


2 thoughts on “Boba & Folklife

  1. christy says:

    So, when is this baby due? I miss pregnancy and the whole excitment that goes with it.

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