See I knew if I said something I wouldn’t end up posting on Friday again 😉  Of course I did plan on doing it and the only reason I didn’t was because I literally couldn’t, but still…

Honestly at this point I can’t remember a lot of last week… It wasn’t the best week ever.  Not the worst either, don’t get me wrong there… mostly just little things with a big one at the end that I don’t really want to get into.


I got in a product I get to review.

Got some cute pictures/video’s of the kids…

Found out one of Kalila’s friends is starting the same school next fall.  They won’t be in the same class this year, but still… As much as I’m not worried about little miss social making friends, it’ll be nice for her to have one she knows already.

Father’s Day was nice… talked to my dad (aka Grandpa) and had a nice lunch with Baba & the kids… made cookies for him tonight lol.  Kalila made a really cute card for him too.

Don’t want to leave ZJ out, but I’m honestly drawing a blank here.. He’s doing well.. def keeping us on our toes, but still.  Oh he got a little Thomas book (well James really, but from the show) the other day and has completely attached to it. Is so stinking cute…

Pretty sure Keiran had a growth spurt too… I don’t feel any bigger and don’t think I look any bigger than a few days ago (could be wrong, but don’t think so lol), but he was calmer for a few days and then when he got back to as active as he normally is (very) he just felt/feels bigger.  If that makes any sense… all the sudden I am feeling him in my ribs when I wasn’t before… but I still feel him low too.  Who knows… we’ll see what happens at the next visit lol.

Ok sleep now!


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