Quick Update

Last week was pretty uneventful… so this is going to be pretty short.

The weekend was another story lol.  My BIL (aka Uncle Trevor) was in town…  Kalila went absolutely nuts.  ZJ took a bit to warm up to him again but had about the same reaction once he did.  And by the time he left this morning, ZJ was screaming “Uncle Trevor” at him over and over…  It was adorable!

Anyways, since he was here we had lunch with Gran & Papa Brian on Saturday… We’d planned on going out to their place but things got changed around and we all ate at a restaurant here in town.  Because of that we had a bit more time and decided to take the kids to see Brave.

First off, it was a cute movie.  We all loved it… Kalila was scared of the bears, but just hid her face for a few seconds and asked for a hug. That was it…  Beyond that, it was the first time either of them has been out to a movie.  They both did great… it was a lot of fun.

Sunday we had lunch with Gido… and Uncle Trevor brought Aunt Lauren & Uncle Wesley along too.  Was nice… and before we knew it we didn’t have time to run home before my meeting lol.

SANP meeting week = trip across town, which wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t so stinking hot.  Thankful I got to go either way though, was just nice to have a break and everything.

Today I had another appointment at the BC.  As always it went well… The kids didn’t want to leave lol.  What surprised me (though I guess I’m not sure why) was hearing that after my next appointment in 2 weeks we’ll be going to once a week visits.  Just seems crazy that we’re to that point already… or almost lol.

Since I hadn’t done one in awhile got this earlier –

And tonight was the Sour Cream Chicken recipe from Pintrest…

Thoughts – Its good.  I would recommend it… but Baba and I both agree it needs tweaking.  Possibly because I did a little to begin with (doubled recipe, cut paprika in half due to running out, lime instead of lemon though I doubt that’s an issue, and homemade bread crumbs… plus cooking longer due to more chicken and our stove).  We also agreed that while we do want to do it again, its not going to be in regular rotation… not that its not good enough, just the cost of ingredients. Not horribly expensive, but def not the most budget friendly meal.

Other random stuff –

Still working on marking things off of that to do list I have up there.  I have a feeling a few more will be added soon, but I’ve marked enough off that I feel somewhat productive lol.

More  Cow Patties are on their way… I can’t wait to see them!

Starting week 2 of my HB classes today… which means I need to get off asap.

And… Lots of cute pics that I need to go through and see what I want to post on here (of the kids that is) but not happening tonight!


2 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Sara says:

    I had a look at the recipe, none of the ingredients listed is expensive, what did you find costly?

    • Mama Kalila says:

      I wouldn’t say outright expensive, but sour cream is not cheap here unless we find a sale (hmmm as I’m thinking about pricing that at Sams now, I don’t think we have) and the amount used of each spice (esp when doubling the recipe) adds up. Its definitely doable, even on our budget, but did cost a bit more than normal.

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