Rambling Thoughts

Its late (well for me at this point in my life lol) and I’m tired but I can’t sleep just yet… brain won’t shut off, so here I am…

This last week was not great at all… Not going into most of it because there’s really no point (and it wasn’t really THAT bad), but I was hoping this week would be better.  Still have time obviously… and some of it has.  But the one thing I will mention happened on Monday so not really the best start to my week lol.

Long story short, Mumble decided to sit up on the window above the bed that morning.. Nothing really new there.  But… she fell… right onto my face.  Thankfully I had cut her claws a couple days or so before, but unfortunately that wasn’t enough to stop me from getting hurt.  Lovely way to wake up in the morning…

Before anyone else goes there, yes I have been taking care of it… and I know what to watch for on the whole CSD thing.  Def not forgetting after the whole ordeal with ZJ.

Not a lot else has really happened this week… except me getting a bit nervous lol.  I’ve spent this entire pg expecting to go over/past my guess date like I did with the other two.. figuring I’d have 8 weeks left or at the very least 6 to 8 weeks left).  And then yesterday Baba said something about 4 weeks… I brushed it off at first because how likely is that?  And then today I started to panic lol.  I don’t have stuff ready… still have to see how many baby clothes we have and how many we need. Several things I need to make.  Still need the minivan. I’ll barely be finished reviewing all the scripts by then.  Isn’t like I didn’t know it could possibly be around then, but putting it that way (4 weeks) just… eek!  Not to mention the thought of a baby at 38/39 weeks scares me all on its own lol.

*deep breath*

Good news though, we had someone come and work on the pipes yesterday too.  Everything is actually draining correctly for once, I’m a bit in awe of it lol.

Also starting to plan Kalila’s next bday party…. Normally I’d be looking at ideas now anyway, but because of the timing I want to get as much done with it in the next month as possible.  After a couple of theme changes (on her end lol) we’ve finally settled on ballet.  Despite the nauseating amount of pink involved I think I’m gonna have fun with this one 😀

Ok – forcing myself to go to sleep now. Going to close Mumble out of the room lol… and hope Baba doesn’t accidentally let her in when he leaves in the morning… and put on one of my scripts.  That should do it.


2 thoughts on “Rambling Thoughts

  1. Deborah says:

    Curious–why does a baby at 38/39 weeks scare you? I think average is 40 +/- 2, so 38 is within that range, and even earlier, the problems are nowhere near as severe as they used to be, thanks to good medical care. Or is it that you’d have to go to the hospital if you went a week or two early? I know when I birthed Alexa at 36 weeks, I was told that even if I’d planned to go to a birth center, I would have been required to transfer, but I’m not sure what the cutoff is for that.

    And also, since Alexa came 4 weeks early, after I’d been back in the States for only 2 or 3 weeks and had done NOTHING to get ready, I can speak from experience here–if the baby comes before you get everything done, you’ll still be fine. But you already knew that 🙂

    • Mama Kalila says:

      No, I can still birth out of hospital at that point (and even a little earlier if it hasn’t changed). I’m just slightly nervous about it since my normal is 41+

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