A Good Week

Going to post the MPM later today hopefully, but feel like I need to write a happy post today lol.  I’m determined this week is going to be a good one.. and so far I can’t complain.

ZJ slept in his bed last night!  I probably will write more about this later, since things have changed a bit w/ him and sleep… but last night he made the decision to go in there himself and slept there all night. He did come to us about 4 in the morning and fell asleep next to me for 5 minutes… I got up to help Baba get ready for work and he got up back up and headed back to his bed for the rest of the morning lol.

As usual ZJ woke up before Kalila this morning… insisted on a PB sandwich and started pretending it was a boat and stuff, was just really cute.  Then he saw the rain outside and decided to sit by the window and watch.

Once Kalila got up they started playing with some Marvel figurines… after awhile I heard them whispering about a fight.  Apparently Kalila wanted Wolverine and Captain America to fight each other so they could see who’s the “killingest”.  *sigh*  If you’re wondering Captain America won.

I decided to make oatmeal this morning and got the sweetest reaction ever. You’d think I was making something incredible by the jumping, squealing and hugs I got over it.

I should have 2 packages in the mail today.. I’ve been stalking them online since I got the tracking numbers after what happened the first time they were sent out.  They’re saying they’re out for delivery now, so hopefully….

FlyLady Zone this week is the kitchen.  That prob shouldn’t excite me as much as it does, but…. LOL

I have my next appointment at the BC tomorrow and will be the official start of the once a week visits.  Fun fun.  No I really am looking forward to it.

Belly shot this morning… Kalila wanted in on it lol.

Aggh! Update on the packages – didn’t even take until afternoon like I thought, opened the door a few minutes ago to find them!  Pics posted on FB but so stinking adorable. My gift exchange partner made Keiran a blanket and diaper, and sent a really cute outfit.. and then of course the Cow Patties diapers are adorable. Mario wasn’t in there, but she has a second package to send soon anyway so its going in there.

Not going to post them all, but have to share these two:

How cute are those? 😀

I should prob go ahead and post this, its been sitting here half the day while I’ve been doing other things lol.  But yeah *going to be a good week* *going to be a good week*

One thought on “A Good Week

  1. Salma says:

    I hope you have a good week too.

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