A Great Weekend and 36 Weeks Already?

Yeah we’re a bit in awe that we’ve reached this point in the pg… pretty much everyone here is.  The kids are talking about the birth a lot more lately…  LOL Last night I overheard the cutest conversation between them.  Kalila kept saying that Keiran will be here on the 12th day (her reasoning being that its all she can count too, which isn’t true so not sure why she’s saying that) and that it’ll be in a long week.  ZJ just keeps talking about him being born (and excitedly) and asked me if he can have him.  And Jas and I are just floored that its gone by this fast.  That it still seems to be… I know at some point it’ll slow down, but just hasn’t yet.

Beyond that… We had a really good weekend this week.  Which I figured it would be…

We had orientation at Kalila’s school on Saturday.  Which of course makes the fact that she’s starting seem so much more real lol.  That has been slowly happening over the last month or so, a little more with each email, but still… I knew this would do it.

Anyways, glad we had that… We went over the handbook and any questions everyone had and all that fun stuff… Kalila got to play with kids that were there w/ their parents for the work day going on and she had a blast.  After it was over Baba helped out for about an hour while I watched the kids on the playground (ZJ wanted to be out there too).  I got a few pictures while they were out there of course.  Had a hard time convincing them to leave when Baba was done too lol.

Yesterday we went to our first work day… Not going to bore you with details lol… Lots of cleaning on my end and building/taking stuff down w/ the other men on Baba’s. Kids played some more… Gido came by for a bit.  We were exhausted by the time we left, but it was nice….

Anyways, gotta get to work around here now lol.  I’ll try to get the MPM post up later today though.


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