Random Bits…

Pretty much our whole house is sick now 😦  Thankfully not anything major, just a slight inconvenience. Hard to get anything done today because of it though.

Anyways, thought of a few things I’ve been meaning to share and hadn’t yet.

The kids found a tiny baby frog a few days ago. We’re guessing he’d just gotten his legs..  I’ve seriously never seen one so small before.  ZJ saw it first and asked what it was, I thought it was a bug until I saw it hop and got down to look.

This morning they saw one a little older (a “grown up frog” as Kalila put it).  I’m not too surprised with all the rain… we’ve seen them here before.  Again they were both very excited about it.

Take 2 on going to look for a minivan went a little better… Still don’t have one, but have one we’re looking at and some ideas on where else to look.

Did get the carseat though! Totally unexpected, but before we left yesterday (unexpected set back… workers knocked a hole in the kids room wall :-/ ) a friend from the ddg posted about Target having a sale on MyRides…  We were able to get one for about half off or so.

Starting to see more and more babies born from my ddg… This week there’s been a lot.  One of them really gets me because she’s one of the few I talk to every day lol and was due only a week or so before me. Eek! I’m happy for her (and the others) though and loving seeing all the pictures. So stinking cute!

Got my materials to start making wetbags in a couple days ago. I can’t wait to get started 😀

Kalila came up and made some more decisions about what she wants for her bday party lol.  I’m kinda excited about where its going… I need to test out the cake recipe soon though!

Can’t really think of anything else (though I’m sure there is) so I’ll end this here 🙂


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