37 & Weekly

Posted this yesterday on FB but since I haven’t done one on here in awhile, here ya go…  37 week belly shot:

I had my appointment today… pretty uneventful other than being moved back about 30 minutes because a baby was born just before we went in 🙂   Everything looks good though (of course) and we’re on to weekly visits, fun fun.

Read my last chapter in my Hypnobabies workbook today… So one more week before I start the maintenance section, which just seems crazy lol.

Completely off topic, but more than a little annoyed with Craigslist lately… I’ve had both good and eh experiences on there before, but right now its bordering on the opposite.   Was really hoping I could sell a couple of things and I keep getting emails about them but they never follow up… pretty sure at least half of them are spam too.  Has gone on for about a month now…  Probably wouldn’t bother me so much but its causing me to miss out on something amazing that I can’t figure out any other way to do.

Just caught Baba playing football with the kids 🙂

Need to get a review up on the other blog soon. I’m a little disappointed with the way I have to do it (not the product itself), but oh well…

And I guess that’s it for now. Need to start dinner :-/



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