Nesting Nesting 123..

I know I am lol… prob would be cleaning more right now if I wasn’t exhausted from a trip out.

Speaking of trip out… Our big news lately is we got the minivan 🙂 Very excited about it. It’s so nice to be able to have more space when we’re all going out… and to have air conditioning!  And of course now I can get out while Baba’s at work if I need to… which is what happened today. Well, not so much needed as promised the kids and since its been so long since I’ve driven I really needed the practice lol… but still.

Other big news (for me anyway) is I got a position at the school for next year…. one of the part time ones, isn’t huge (I’ll be working once a week) and pretty much the same thing I do here at home lol… but still.  I’m excited about it… We have a meeting this weekend to go over details.

Beyond that… I can’t believe its August.  Just doesn’t seem right lol.

And… this week is World Breastfeeding Week.  I’m going to go ahead and say you will not be seeing any/many posts about it on my blog this year. Sorry (for those interested).  I just can’t imagine having the time or energy lol…  There will probably be quite a few FB shares (which I have the feed to over on the side so there’s something on here at least).  But putting together two coherent thoughts of my own… eh.

Will say I’m kinda sad I won’t get to do the latch on event here in town this year though.  I knew I wouldn’t, timing = bad.  We have a work day at school (plus now I have that meeting), I had no clue if ZJ would still be nursing at this point or if Keiran would/will be here when they had the sign ups for it…  And of course now if I didn’t have those first two going on, heading out there w/ ZJ this far along in my pg would be miserable (lol) and if Keiran shows before he’ll be too young.   Oh well, hopefully next year.

Thankfully I am getting more work done than writing at this point (why this post has sat up on my screen for the past few hours) so I suppose I should just end and post it lol.


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