Nesting Nesting 123..

I know I am lol… prob would be cleaning more right now if I wasn’t exhausted from a trip out.

Speaking of trip out… Our big news lately is we got the minivan ūüôā Very excited about it. It’s so nice to be able to have more space when we’re all going out… and to have air conditioning! ¬†And of course now I can get out while Baba’s at work if I need to… which is what happened today. Well, not so much needed as promised the kids and since its been so long since I’ve driven I really needed the practice lol… but still.

Other big news (for me anyway) is I got a position at the school for next year…. one of the part time ones, isn’t huge (I’ll be working once a week) and pretty much the same thing I do here at home lol… but still. ¬†I’m excited about it… We have a meeting this weekend to go over details.

Beyond that… I can’t believe its August. ¬†Just doesn’t seem right lol.

And… this week is World Breastfeeding Week. ¬†I’m going to go ahead and say you will not be seeing any/many posts about it on my blog this year. Sorry (for those interested). ¬†I just can’t imagine having the time or energy lol… ¬†There will probably be quite a few FB shares (which I have the feed to over on the side so there’s something on here at least). ¬†But putting together two¬†coherent¬†thoughts of my own… eh.

Will say I’m kinda sad I won’t get to do the latch on event here in town this year though. ¬†I knew I wouldn’t, timing = bad. ¬†We have a work day at school (plus now I have that meeting), I had no clue if ZJ would still be nursing at this point or if Keiran would/will be here when they had the sign ups for it… ¬†And of course now if I didn’t have those first two going on, heading out there w/ ZJ this far along in my pg would be miserable (lol) and if Keiran shows before he’ll be too young. ¬† Oh well, hopefully next year.

Thankfully I am getting more work done than writing at this point (why this post has sat up on my screen for the past few hours) so I suppose I should just end and post it lol.


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