Becoming a Family of 5

Gonna keep this short, am pretty much just feeding myself and the baby right now lol.  Thought I’d put up a quick post though.

Things are going well…

Kalila and ZJ absolutely adore their brother.

Kalila wants to help, hold, love on him, etc pretty much all the time.  She (well they) went out with Gido earlier and first thing she did when they got home was come tell him that she missed him.

ZJ… He came up with his nickname (We started calling ZJ Bubba when he was still pretty small because of his size/build) – yesterday Keiran was crying and ZJ said “It’s ok Buddy!”  We just melted.  He has his little bonding time too… He likes to nurse at the same time and just stares at him and rubs his arm and back.  Means he’s nursing a little more than he was before right now, but not really worried about it.  Like I said, bonding time between them… He tries to take care of him too… will tell me what he thinks his brother needs (usually boobie, sometimes wants me or Baba, earlier was “too hot” because we were sitting in the window lol) and is starting to let us know when he wants 1 on 1 time w/ me too, saying that Baba wants to hold the baby.  Has only happened once or twice and he’s really patient about it so far.

I know eventually some of that may wear off and probably going to have a rough patch (hit around 4 months after ZJ was born with Kalila) but I’m enjoying this.

On a diff note… I’m doing well.  Tired, but still… Gotta love that weird in between feeling where in some ways you feel much better than you expected to and want to get going on the million and one things you know need to be done… but just can’t.  There’s no way I can kid myself about it this time around either.  I’ve had to get help (and yes I realize that this coming from someone studying to become a postpartum doula is beyond silly because I should know better and have planned to do that to begin with) and am grateful to everyone that has or will be in the next few days.

Keiran…  awww Keiran.  He’s doing great.  He eats well, is starting to open his eyes up more, loves being held – but has let me lay him in his pack n play for some decent stretches so far too.

Baba is in love with his son of course 🙂  He’s had to go back to work unfortunately, but I love watching him with him. Is just too cute.

There’s definitely more going on here (even have some good news), but I need to end this and get some sleep!

2 thoughts on “Becoming a Family of 5

  1. So happy for you and he is beautiful….

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