Keiran Edward…

Just hit me a little while ago that today was Keiran’s guess date (edd).  I still can’t quite believe he’s already here…  let alone how it all happened.

Couple of notes before I get into his whole birth story:   1) I am not recommending any one make a particular decision in similar circumstances… this was a tough one at points and we made the decisions we did because it’s what felt right (and I’m glad that we did).  2) I’ve gone back and forth on when to write this because it did take some time to process… I think I can do it justice now, but we’ll see 🙂

Its kinda hard to know exactly where to start with this one…  for the two weeks or so before he was born I was having more practice waves (braxton hicks) and things just looked a lot like they did at the end of my first two pregnancies.  We’d gone most of the time thinking we’d have another “late” baby, but at this point I was starting to feel like he might be earlier.

Weds Aug 1st

First full moon in August 2012… Oldest 2 kids were both born 2 days after theirs and things seemed to get started that day this time too!

Another Full Moon… I snapped that picture just in case because I figured it’d be funny if it happened a third time in a row.  I did start noticing more pressure waves (contractions) so it seemed likely.

Thurs Aug 2nd

Just like the first two things were picking up.  Pressure waves seemed to be getting closer together.  I listened to my Birth Day affirmations and script at one point and felt so at peace with everything.  I absolutely love the Birthing Day script.

That evening came and things seemed to be petering out a bit.. I decided to lay down and get some sleep, wondering if I’d be woken up by things kicking into gear.

Friday Aug 3rd

I woke up at 3 in the morning… I wasn’t sure why at first, I didn’t notice pressure waves but something just seemed off.  After a few moments I realized everything was wet.  I got up, got cleaned up and then waited to see if it continued… when it did I woke Baba up and let him know. His first responce was “That’s new!”  It was…

A few hours later I txt’d my midwife and let her know…  Baba went on to work since things were still slow at that point and he’s not far away.  I waited around here getting last minute things done while I waited for it to pick up.  It hadn’t by the time he got off work, but we headed in so I could get tested.

Got to the birth center and the test came back negative. I hadn’t leaked in awhile so not too surprised, but was a bit disappointed.  We discussed things it could be including the outer layer of the sack (sometimes there’s fluid between the two).

Sat Aug 4th

An hour or so after we woke up Sat morning (not exactly sure on the time at this point lol) I had the same thing happen again.  I think we had plans to go in again already anyway but don’t quote me on that one. Either way we went in with wet clothing saved so she could test that.  Baba hadn’t even made it inside with the kids before the test showed positive.  I still wasn’t leaking much so we figured that I had a high tear (and that the day before probably was that outer layer).  I got instructions on what to do while we waited (hebiclens rinses and temps every so often) and left with the plan to come in again that evening to check on baby if he wasn’t out by then.

From there we went to eat lunch and then headed over to Kalila’s school for a work day. We didn’t stay too long, but was just nice being out and having something to do to distract myself.

Second appointment of the day came (really surprised us that it did). We ended up being a little late because Kalila was bitten by a spider and it absessed… we had to take care of that first.  But… Baby and I were both doing fine, things just slow still.

Sunday Aug 5th

Taken at some point Sunday and posted to FB

Baba had to direct at Church and we all planned to go.  Had trouble getting the kids ready though so he ended up going on his own.  Not long after he left I got up to do something and I had another huge gush that didn’t stop.  Txt’d Baba…

Note:  One of the things we hadn’t planned to do this pg was tell everyone when I went into labor.   No offense meant to anyone by it, just that’s another clock you end up being put on once you announce it.  Our first two were pretty fast labors but knowing that it can be different at any point it just didn’t seem like a good idea to either one of us.

But then my water broke again while Baba was at Church, just before Mass started… He went running out and pretty much everyone found out anyway.  And he told Gido at some point in there too.

We ate lunch, waited around a bit… pressure waves started picking up agian so we headed over to the Birth Center… a few blocks down the road Baba and I heard a funny sound about the same time, he pulled over and saw that the belt had broken on the van.  Thankfully was caught early, but still…  So he called Gido (as he was getting ready to head over with us too), who switched cars with us and waited with the van.

Looking back at the kids while waiting for Gido to come help

By the time we got there I was just so relieved not to have had a surprise car birth…  I knew I’d have to be checked (avoided it so far to decrease risk of infection) when we did but didn’t think it was going to be an issue.  But I was only at 3 cm and I couldn’t be admitted unless I was 4.  My midwife told me normally she’d have us walk around the area and stuff, but because of the heat it wasn’t really a good idea… so sent back home to progress some more.  Which wouldn’t have been as big an issue except by then everyone knew we were going in.

Headed back, my FIL asked if we’d want to go see his parents new house… I def wanted a distraction and we hdan’t seen it yet (or them in awhile) so I said yes.  We went and did that, I walked around quite a bit, etc…  and then several hours later we started back this way.  Everyone was hungry so we stopped for pizza on the way…

Kids playing with Baba at Sito & Big Gido’s house

While waiting for the pizza Baba and I went for a walk to either Walgreens or CVS (I really can’t remember which lol) because I needed some more Hebiclens.  We figured the walk would be good too… and it was. Things picked up again and we made plans to stop back by the Birth Center on the way back.

I was still a little worried about not being progressed enough so we decided to go for a walk before getting checked.  Baba remembered something he meant to pick up on our first walk and hadn’t so we went down to the nearby Walgreens, which was quite a bit farther than we walked before…  Was a serious walk and I was wiped out when we got back. Pressure waves were minutes apart though and I was a little less nervous about where I’d be… Not completely though and we talked about doing a script before the check as well and did that as soon as we got in.

So then she checked me… and I was still at a 3.   We discussed options and decided to start herbs the next morning… we could do them then but I was so exhausted at that point (and Baba too) that it’d be best we come home and get some rest first.

Monday Aug 6th

Oddly enough this would have been my guess date if we went by LMP dates.  I didn’t actually know that until this last week (no reason too, we know LMP dates are off for me).

We got up, picked up the last of the three herbs we needed and decided (after talking to our other midwife) to add caster oil to the mix.  Baby was still doing great (as was I).  Came home, took a nap, and got started on everything.

First off, oddly enough the caster oil was not the worst of the bunch… They recommended putting it in mint choc chip icecream, and while the texture was awful… it just wasn’t too bad.  Black cohash on the other hand… BLECH! Finished up my last doses of all of that and things seemed pretty serious again. We headed back over to the birth center, got checked… and was a 4.

*sigh*   I think this is where I really started getting discouraged.  I was glad I was to a 4 and could stay, but I really thought I’d be farther along.  On top of that we had to discuss if we should stay… because I still had a lot farther to go. I don’t remember what all we discussed with my midwife about it, but she brought up some really good reasons why we should consider continuing at home at that point.   We decided to stay anyway… which I think was the right decision.  The stress level at that point was pretty high and I can’t imagine another trip back.   I don’t remember much of that night either…

Tuesday 7th Aug

We waited as long as possible for my next check (first that morning).  The BC has a 72 hour policy after water breaks and I had hit that point…  Part of me was looking forward to the check/hoping everything I had been through had finally made some progress and part of me was afraid it hadn’t and I was going to be sent to the hospital.

And then we checked… and I was still at 4 (but closer to 5).

This is where the story gets tough.  I was about in tears.  Baba was beyond stressed/worried/etc.  I remembering wondering why my body wasn’t working…  and of course we had to have the hospital discussion.   We went over what would happen if I decided to go, what would happen if I decided to try one more thing, and of course that they had to recommend I go.  Oh and how the baby was doing during all this was brought into the mix too.

So Baba and I talked for a bit… I don’t know that I’ll ever really be able to describe this part very well because this was a huge decision and really hard to make.  We ended up deciding to give it that one last try though… I just needed to and since we were doing well it seemed reasonable.

The method of doing so was pretty harsh though and Baba did not want the kids there for that (large amounts of caster oil) and he needed rest, so they left and came back home with the plan to come back when we were filling up the tub (or if we needed to transfer).

About an hour later we started that up…  No icecream available so it got mixed into SlimFast shakes… Good thing I don’t drink them normally because I will never forget that one.  It was bad…. The third (last) time I had to do it I couldn’t handle it and got so stinking sick.  We had to do that one over again, and tried it in orange gatorade… not really any better but I kept it down.  Time in between… I’d planned to walk around a good deal and spend some time on the birth ball, which I did… but I was so exhausted I fell asleep for a couple hours of it too.  Thankfully they could hear me still having pressure waves in my sleep so we had hope when the time came for my next check.

After all that when she said I was at 5…  Yeah.  I didn’t really question why she asked if it was ok to get my other midwife’s opinion when she hadn’t had her check me before… I was a bit out of it at that point.  But they came back, checked again and I was told that a bubble had formed over his head that hadn’t been there before that we could break and might speed things up a lot.  It gave me one more hour  and they seemed optimistic about it (much more so than before).

So that was done… and things got way more intense, both physically and emotionally.  I was to the point I couldn’t really handle things very well anymore and was seriously leaning on my midwife and one of the students (who were both a huge help at that point).   After 3 or 4 pressure waves that I was doing pretty badly through (at least in my mind) my midwife asked if I wanted to get into the tub and I jumped on the idea.

We were 15 minutes from my next check so she decided to do that while they filled the tub…  I started shaking while we were waiting for that to happen and remember thinking could I be in transformation (transition)?  She checked and I was 7 (close enough to stretch to 8 but not quite there) and said to go ahead and get in..

First off I was surprised, didn’t think I’d get there… and part of me was worried I might be getting in too soon.  But I couldn’t wait…. called Baba and let him know and got in.

This is where things get crazier…  As soon as I could I got on all 4’s in the tub because the main issue I was having during this whole birth (but especially at the end) was my back.  I stayed that way maybe a minute (not even?) and then they suggested reclining and relaxing some.  I moved,  my midwife turned around to put her gloves on and was in the middle of putting the first one on when I had another pressure wave.

That wouldn’t have been so bad but all the sudden I felt myself pushing and couldn’t stop.

Vaguely remember her telling me to breath through it and saying that I couldn’t… Next thing I know I hear her saying something about there being a head, reached down and touched him and his head was completely out… They yelled for the other midwife and I don’t even remember if she was in the room when I gave the second push and he was out.

Yes still a bit in shock over all of that lol.

Apparently the little goose turned back to the side he was facing most of my pregnancy mid labor and didn’t reposition at the end so he came out completely sideways (facing my left leg)… He’s fine but had some bruises from it.

Again (like ZJ’s birth) I was worried about tearing because of how fast he came and the sideways bit, but thankfully I didn’t tear with him either.

And obviously Baba and the kids missed it completely.  We called moments later and he could hear Keiran crying in the background as we told him.  Still feel a little bad about that, but he’s not really upset.

Not going to post all of the pictures we got after, but am going to include one from right after Baba and the kids arrived.  The rest were while resting before we left that night.

So that was Keiran’s birth story…   Everything after the birth was perfect, just what we wanted/planned.  I love that the Birth Center has postpartum nurses now, they were a huge help while we were there. We ended up leaving around 10 that night.

I know I’ve mentioned a bit about how we’ve done since… Everyone is doing great.  I have needed help that I didn’t expect that I would… for obvious reasons.  The whole thing wiped me out.   I’m doing a lot better though, feeling a lot better. I’m sure I’ll be working through emotions on this one for awhile still, but I’m doing pretty good with it.  I don’t regret anything and despite the craziness and how emotionally draining it was at points I still think it was a great birth, just different.

9 thoughts on “Keiran Edward…

  1. Deborah says:

    It sounds like that was a tough one! I’m glad you’re at peace with all the decisions that had to be made, and that you were able to have the natural water birth that you wanted. FWIW, I agree with you that you made wise decisions under the circumstances. I know the regret and sadness that comes when Hubby misses the birth, too, but that gets easier over time as well, especially as you see Daddy and Baby bonding like Jas and Keiran seem to be from the pictures. {{hugs}}

  2. deltaflute says:

    Hard labor sucks. I’m guessing the side ways thing is why things took so long to progress. And I wouldn’t worry about Baba missing it. It’s more common than you think. My hubby missed my first child’s birth because he was vomiting. He didn’t see him until sometime much later. I had to rely on other people for help. I don’t know why, but it didn’t bother me. It would have bothered me more if he missed the next one too….although in recent history men were never present for any births. Eh, it happens.

    • Mama Kalila says:

      It very well might have been… but oddly enough he moved into the correct position much earlier in the labor and then turned sideways at the end. Like I said above, I’m not actually upset that he did… I wish he’d been there because I know he wanted to be, but after everything else… and like you, mine was there for the other two.

  3. christy says:

    My birth with Porgie was very similiar, except I was in a hospital and ended up with a c-section. My water broke at home (I tested positive for GBS, so I was very stressed about that), but I didn’t go into labor immediately. When I finally did start contracting, I felt everything in my back. It felt like my spine was being snapped apart. HORRIBLE. And it went on and on and on. There seemed to be no end in sight. I was at the hospital for about 20 hours, and I never made it past five centimeters. When they finally delivered her via c-section, they said she was “sunny side up”. The little stinker was posterior and never turned during labor.

    I am so happy that you were able to have him naturally. I know that that is very important to you. He is adorable!

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Yeah if I had GBS I would have been a lot more worried about that… Thankfully ZJ was the only one I had that with and his water never broke. I remember being thankful for that fact afterwards because I knew it was the safest situation under the circumstances.

      Really I’d be ok with a c-section if it’d been needed (not saying I wouldn’t need more time from it because I would) but while part of me was worried it might be, I still didn’t feel like it was. I think I’d have had a much harder time in this situation if I hadn’t given it that last try because of that.

  4. Salma says:

    Wow, congrats, I am so shocked. I was just checking in.Sounds like there was a lot of action, but it all worked out- thank God. He is a beautiful boy. I love the picture that you shared with the whole family looking on 🙂


  5. Tera says:

    Wow, I can imagine the emotions running through your head during his birth. I wonder why he got malpositioned during labor. It could of been a number of things. I would have to reevaluate his birth a few times. I wish I would have with Joanna’s birth. I carried a lot of baggage into this pregnancy that I didn’t realize I had. His birth has taught you something, but figuring that out may take some time. Great job and great birth story.

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