Kindergarten? Already?

That’s right… Today was Kalila’s first day of Kindergarten!

She’s been so excited and its just adorable.  I’m a little sad (my baby!) but I’ve been looking forward to it too. Is so quiet here though… will take awhile to get used to that lol.

Anyways, we’ll see how it goes… but she did great when we dropped her off.  Her best friend had to remind her to come say goodbye before she went to her classroom 🙂  We all got hugs and kisses though!

ZJ on the other hand… was not happy about leaving his sister there and has been talking about going to see friends for the past half hour (at least).  Thankfully he’s smiling and being as silly as ever, so it hasn’t been too bad either.

And Keiran’s just eating, sleeping and pooping of course 😉   Can’t leave him out lol.

2 thoughts on “Kindergarten? Already?

  1. Wow. Congrats to Kalila and you! It does indeed seem like only yesterday she was an only child becoming a little chatterbox. How the years pass! I look forward to reading more about her experiences. What’s her schedule like?

    • Mama Kalila says:

      Thanks 🙂

      8:30 to 3:30… Beyond that I really only know the general schedule they follow for everyone (c/p below; she is not in the moon room btw lol) other than her class has math at 9. Her teacher is splitting up the emails about the curriculum so its not overwhelming and that’s all I’ve gotten so far lol.

      8:30 School Begins – Morning Circle
      9:00 Classroom Lessons/Recess (scheduled by class)
      10:00 Snack time (some classes snack in the afternoon) Recess (scheduled by class)
      11:00 Classroom Lessons/Recess (scheduled by class)
      12:00 Lunchtime (varies by class)
      12:30 Preparation for Nap/Classroom Lessons
      1:00 Nap in Moon Room/Afternoon Rotation Begins
      2:00 Moon Room kids begin waking from Nap
      3:20 Afternoon Circle
      3:30 Parent pick-up time

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