School, Thursdays, Babies, etc…

Picture sent from her first day at school

So far Kalila loves going to school…  So much that she doesn’t want to come home after and got really upset a minute ago because she found out that she won’t be going on the weekend.  On one hand I’m glad she does (will have to remind her of that at some point I’m sure lol) on the other makes me a little sad lol.

Her Godmother sent her a back to school gift that came in today… Her reaction was adorable (was even excited about the pink flowery box it came in) and she read the letter inside by herself, only needed help with 2 words.  She still has to sound out most of them, but still… I love hearing her do it.

ZJ is adjusting to it still…  He talks about missing her and going to get her during the day.  When we dropped her off today he made a comment about leaving her and when I said she was staying said “Oh man!”  But for the most part he’s doing great during the day…

Today is Thursday… which is groc day here and now that we have a second car, I’m getting to do it.  I’m sure at some point I may enjoy it (I normally love groc days if we’re all going cause I get to get out lol) but I am not there yet.  I felt like we were gone all day…  ZJ insisted on walking at HEB, which wasn’t too bad (he’s pretty well behaved) but towards the end he was getting distracted easily and turned into little Mr. Grabby hands.  Note to self:  Avoid the peanut butter aisle at all costs!  LOL  I spent about 10 minutes trying to convince him that we don’t need any more… We buy it at Sams.  Checkout was fun too,  he picked up at least 5 candy bars and asked “How about this one?” with each… Thankfully there were no fits though!

Keiran… I can’t believe he’s 2 weeks old now (more than).  He’s had both of his 2 week checkups (first pedi visit and the one at the birth center).  Both went well of course 🙂  He’s 8 lbs 12 oz now, so more than gained back his birth weight… plus grew half an inch.  Dr M wasn’t worried about the jaundice, so it is going down/away…

Beyond all that… He’s doing great.  Just like his brother and sister he seems too much in a hurry to grow up. I don’t like it :-/   Silly goose is rolling over already. I haven’t seen him do it (other than to his side) but have found him on his back (usually screaming bloody murder) several times now when I had him on his belly.  I don’t know if maybe he has an arm under him that’s helping or what, but… not happy about it.  Esp since that’s the only time he really uses those lungs of his. I was trying to fix dinner this last time and he about scared me half to death…

I’m doing pretty good… Tired… Still hate driving lol… A bit forgetful lately.  But still…


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