3 Weeks

It seems like its a lot farther into the week than Tuesday…  so much going on.

Keiran is 3 weeks old now of course.  He’s doing great… still definitely in the newborn stage, but he’s growing a lot, hit the normal growth spurt (ie nursing around the clock) stage, and is awake more than he was just a few days ago even.  I love watching him look around at everything..

Kalila has officially been in school a week now.  She loves it… Art seems to be her favourite part so far, I’m hearing more about that than anything else.   Yesterday she was going on about a little boy and told Baba that she likes him lol… Made us laugh.  Until today he was the only boy she knew’s name, so I already kinda figured she did.

We’re a month out from her birthday, which seems as crazy to me as everything else. Lots to do for that still…

Yesterday I had to take the minivan to the shop… we knew we’d need to at some point soon so it wasn’t a huge surprise, but just made for an exhausting day.

ZJ has been a grump lately. I know everything is different right now and he’s adjusting… plus he’s 2 lol.  Poor thing does not like leaving his sister in the mornings and has decided that school looks like a lot of fun.

… Can’t really think of anything else… Tired.


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