Aye Kalila

As always, my daughter makes me laugh…

First, as we were getting in the car this morning, Kalila asked if I had Saturn on my shirt…  I’m wearing one of Baba’s and its a Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt with a planet and words making a ring around it.

Then she made a comment about girls not driving.  I know where it comes from, I rarely do and hadn’t for about 8 years before last month.  She was shocked when she saw me drive the first time lol.  Anyways, I told her (again) that girls can drive and she said “When I get married I’m gonna let my husband drive!”  Couldn’t stop laughing…

A few minutes later a commercial on the radio said something that mentioned Texas and she asked about that. I mentioned that we’re in Texas and it started a conversation about other states and then she said that she wants to go to the place where they made the Seseme Street cake (Baba and I have been watching Cake Boss on Netflix lately lol)… and then after hearing where it is started asking when we’re going to New Jersey and how far away it is and all that.

And of course that’s all from the trip to school this morning… I wish I could remember half of the things she tells us lol.  Never fails to make us laugh here…


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