So Behind!

Seriously I feel like I am.   I think mostly because I’m feeling so much better and just want to get things done… but Keiran’s gone through his first growth spurt stage and I’m not quite up to nursing while doing housework yet lol.  I am going to try it this time, but I know I’m not quite there yet!

I did wear him while we were on our groc run this morning…  And instead of using my wrap as usual I used the Boba carrier I won this summer.  I need practice with it but think I really like it.  I am more comfortable with the wrap and love how it works, but is so hot.. and this one is easier to put on (granted not by a lot).

We’ve had another big milestone both for Keiran and the whole family… His first cold.  Which was pretty much everyone’s first cold both since his birth and since Kalila started school… Thankfully it seems to have mostly passed and wasn’t too bad.  ZJ hit the hardest as usual… Keiran, I felt bad for him and poor thing has had a hard time with the stuffy nose but really was just a few rough nights…

Speaking of nights…  We had a big milestone on that last night too (or maybe a fluke lol).  Normally Keiran likes to either sleep on my chest, in the crook of my arm, or on his side snuggled up to me… Either way touching. I don’t mind at all, he’s little and I love this cuddly stage.  Since he got sick he was doing more of the on my chest thing though, easier for him to breathe that way…  But last night he slept, on his back, next to me without touching.  For about 6 hours straight.  I’m not counting on it happening again lol… but do have to say it was nice.

As for the others…

Kalila is still loving school.  I had to laugh yesterday because her teacher told me she was covered in paint again and that she doesn’t want to stop painting when they do.  So not surprised… That’s Kalila.  I told Jas this morning, I hadn’t thought about it before but one of the things I’m loving about her being in school is that she gets to do that more… I know she enjoys it, is about all she talks about on her way home every day.

ZJ – I think we’ve gotten naptime adjusted to the school week finally.  He was falling asleep at 2 and that was just awful for going to get his sister.   We had such a rough time a couple days ago that after rushing Kalila off the playground again I felt horrible about it and after he went down earlier yesterday I made sure they got to play a good long time.  Poor thing ended up falling off a ladder while they did (he’s ok of course) but still.  He’s asleep again now (nearing end of nap) so I’m hoping we have another good afternoon.  He’s been a cutie today too…  Just making me laugh left and right.

Ok Keiran is back down (for now) so off I go 😉


2 thoughts on “So Behind!

  1. christy says:

    Glad to hear everything is going so well! I think we need more pictures of Keiran.

  2. Jenn says:

    That’s our Kalila! I knew she would be smart enough to love school! 🙂

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