A Week Later…

Can’t believe I didn’t post about last weekend. Maybe because it was so full I was just exhausted at the end of it lol.

It was a big weekend for Keiran though!

Saturday Gran came over to meet him.  Granny & Nana came in that night too, but we didn’t see them until Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon we headed over to Sito and Big Gido’s because Baba’s Aunt Patricia was in town… Ended up seeing most (all but one) of his aunts and several cousins. Lots of pictures were taken but I don’t have copies yet.

Monday I had to take the minivan in to be checked again…  Dropped the kids (Kalila and ZJ anyway) off w/ Granny & Nana first and then did that… We got home right before Baba got off from work and then had to rush over to the school to clean.  That was fun… I took the bouncer, put it together wrong, realized I didn’t bring batteries for it and ended up singing a song over and over to keep Keiran somewhat calm…. But I got a cute picture anyway!

Somewhere in there I got a really sweet package from Salma (thankyou again!) and I think I’m forgetting a thing or two as well lol.

Since then.. there really hasn’t been a lot.  Kalila having Monday off made the week seem like it was going by even faster.  Got a few pics of the kids in the car.. did some housework when Keiran let me. Fun stuff.

Trying to convince them to get in their seats


Unhappy Buddy

Gran is picking up Kalila and ZJ in the morning… They’re really looking forward to it.  So are we lol.

Oh and the carseat we won came in today too.  Hopefully I’ll get a pic soon… I got it in the car tonight, but not before Kalila went to sleep.


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