MPM 17 Sept – 23 Sept

Mon – Chicken Enchiladas, beans & rice

Tues – Bubble & Squeak 

Weds – Chicken & Green Bean Alfredo

Thurs – Stuffed Bell Peppers

Fri – Shrimp Pasta

Sat – BBQ Ribs *recipe tweaked*

Sun – Hamburgers


I’m going to try out something new here…  Totally stealing this idea from Caffeinated Catholic Mama btw.  I just saw her latest post on her child’s lunches and hoping this might solve the rut I’m in with Kalila’s.  Lately they haven’t really been planned out much.

Mon – Turkey and jelly (yeah I know, but its her fav lol) sandwich, yogurt & plum.

Tues –  Leftover Chicken Enchiladas, beans & rice

Weds – Grilled turkey and cheese sandwich, sliced tomato & apple

Thurs – Leftover Bubble & Squeak, yogurt & plum

Fri – Pasta Salad *veggie or tuna version*


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