Yes Again

Yup… It’s National Child Passenger Safety Week again.

Don’t worry I’m not to go write a huge post or go on about ERF or EH again… Everyone knows how I feel about that, and honestly (gasp) at this point I don’t think it’s quite as important.  Did I really just say that? 

What I am going to say:

1.  Use the carseat…  Very very  few things really upset me when I see someone parenting differently than me, but seeing a child in  a car without a seat is one of them that will do it.  Worse yet… an infant.   Yes some of us survived without one… but we either weren’t in an accident (raises hand) or were incredibly lucky.   And if you can’t afford one there are lots of places that give out good seats for free…

Apologies for tone on that one, but I’ve seen it a lot lately and like I said its one of a few things that really gets to me…

2.  Please read your manual and use them correctly.   Straps and chest clips… I know they’re easier to put in when the straps are loose and it looks more comfortable, but it won’t be in an accident. And chest clips should be pretty self explanatory… of course I’ve done that one too so obviously not 😉

3.  Another one I’m extremely guilty of doing in the past… shopping carts.  If you’re going to use the carrier in one remember it needs to go in the basket not on the front.   Is so common to see them up there, but babies have been hurt and killed that way.  They aren’t meant to sit there.

That’s it… all I’m going to say about car seats this week 🙂  You know… unless you’re on my FB page because I’m seeing too many good posts that I can’t help but share. Just be glad I’m not sharing every single one of them lol.


2 thoughts on “Yes Again

  1. I was at a dual drive-thru earlier this summer, when I saw a lady pull up next to me with two kids (I’d say 2-3 years old) loose in the back seat. I was initially really mad, then kind of numb, like something bad had already happened. As we both finished our transactions at nearly the same time, I impulsively pulled out of the bay in front of her and essentially blocked her path. I stepped out of the car and walked up to her with a smile (I’m a very threatening person, as you know) and said, “m’am, I just wanted to let you know your kids are unrestrained, and that’s very dangerous for you and them. Not to mention illegal”. She muttered something about knowing that and feeling bad, but she didn’t have a choice. As it’s been a while, I don’t remember much else, but the conversation didn’t last much longer. I still wonder if I should have done more, but I had other things to do. I figure I at least confronted her, and she heard what she was doing was flat out wrong. I can’t believe in this age of information that people would do things like that. I don’t care if I don’t have the whole story, it’s not like she was driving them to the hospital.

    • Mama Kalila says:


      Totally get that numb reaction because it happens here too. We saw an infant this summer… car was flying around the parking lot, swerved into a spot pretty fast and a few seconds later a mama got out already holding the baby… the seat was in there, I could see it rocking back and forth sideways in the passenger window when they went past us. Jas wanted to call CPS… I told him I would rather call the cops (is what’s recommended) but they were already out so they wouldn’t be able to do anything. No way we were going up to that particular family though… Good for you being able to say something though… I can think of several times I wish I had…

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