Another Special Week

Actually this week is special in more ways than one lol… But here I’m referencing the fact that it is World Milksharing Week… and I’m going to vent a little.

Again I hoped to donate this time around.. I was all set to go when I realized my pump is dead.  *Lovely*   Obviously there’s more issues with that than just wanting to donate, but still… it makes me sad.  Hopefully I can either get it fixed or get another soon.  Even if I don’t end up donating I’d really rather not have to hand express quite that often…  We’re not planning to leave him with a sitter until 4 months like we did the others, but Baba is watching him for a couple hours while I’m cleaning on the weekends and while doable… has been a bit stressful (because you know I don’t remember until last minute).

Anyways vent over…

I’ll try to post some resources for milk sharing/donating at some point this week.


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